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  1. Offering, brand new, Stellite lined, 30-06 1919A6 barrel. $500.00 plus ship&ins. email if interested. Thank you! Chris Manchester, NH
  2. Coffin magazines are 50 rounds and require a loader to fill them.
  3. Offering: Excellent condition STERLING England FACTORY 40 round .223 magazines intended for AR-18 or AR-180 rifles. $100.00 each plus shipping and insurance.. Email for payment address, check or money order.
  4. Offering: Factory Steel VALMET model 71 .223 magazines .15 round $250 30 round $300 All prices plus shipping and insurance. Check or money order. Email for payment address.
  5. This is an Italian Breda model M37 parts kit. It is in 7.92x57 (8mm Mauser). The kit is in an original chest, with (2) like new barrels, spade grips, top cover, feed tray parts, bolt/firinig pin, chest with (10) 8mm mauser feed trays, complete original tripod. $2000 for the whole set up. I can deliver it in the New England area. E-mail me for contact information.
  6. Offering Excellent condition Volume 1-3 of the series FIREARMS IDENTIFICATION by J. Howard Mathews Volume 1 Laboratory Examination of small arms, rifling characteristics in hand guns, and notes on automatic pistols Volume 2 Original photographs and other illustrations of hand guns Volume 3 Original photographs and other illustrations of hand guns and rifles The Volume 1 and 2 have rough dust covers, volume 3 has a stain on the dust cover. These books are frequently found in police forensic laboratories. $200.00 Check or money order, priority mail shipped. Email for payment address. Thank you! ChrisNH
  7. Offering: Brand new Choate factory folding stocks for Winchester 1300/1400, Mossberg 500/590, Remington 870's shotgun's. $55.00 each shipped check or money order. Email for payment address. Thank you for your interest. ChrisNH
  8. Offering Excellent condition Volume 1 of The Machine Gun by George Chinn. Good start for the 5 volume set. Check or money order, priority mail shipped. Email for payment address. Thank you! ChrisNH
  9. Excellent condition German MP-40 firing pin and buffer assembly. $125 shipped. Check or money order, email for payment address. Thank you!
  10. Hi Dave! Last weekend I picked up a copy of Notes On Auto Ordnance The Thompson Submachinegun Second Edition 1989 by Bannan and Hill.

    A friend brought it to my table at the gun show I was at. He wanted $100, no problem! I read through it today. Amazing how far spell check has brought us. On Amazon, there is one copy from 1975 being offered for $300!! Have you seen any copies for sale recently? Are people still interested in this book? Is it like the Cox book, that if you collect Thompson stuff, you have to have a copy of it?


  11. I'm fairly confident that it is 9mm. It has a wire underfolding stock. If anyone knows what it is, I'd appreciate the help.
  12. Help identify 9mm magazine

    Thank you! I would never have figured that out. I don't like Hi-Points.
  13. WTS : 3 Gerber 06 military issue switchblade knives

    I'll take all 3, how do you want payment? Chris Manchester, NH
  14. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I have single column 9mm magazine. It holds 10 rounds. The rear appears to be "zipper back". The base is plastic and has no markings. I appreciate it if anyone knows what this mag is for? Thank you for looking!
  15. Offering:Excellent condition collectible Luger books: Krieghoff Parabellum by Randall Gibson $60.00 plus shipping & ins Luger:The Multi-National Pistol by Charles Kenyon, Jr, dust cover is rough $40.00 plus shipping & ins World of Lugers Proof Marks by Sam Costanzo, signed by author, $125.00 plus shipping & ins Luger Holsters and Accessories of the 20th Century by Eugene Bender, dust cover exc+ $60.00 plus shipping & ins Check or money order. Email for payment address. ChrisNH