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  1. Potential Scam Accounts

    Alondra Zarubathe email Has emailed me twice in three months. I questioned someone asbto the availability of a grease gun but it had sold. He emailed that he had a nice C&R at just $17000.00 and had a pawnshop in Indiana. He wanted all cash up front and said I could do a Walmart m.o. Pictures came from someone else's ad that had sold on another site, so I Iasked for a copy of the form 4 so I could verify the C&R status and he came back that he was going into surgery and needed money asap for that and would take half down on a payment plan and when I got him the rest he'd send me paper. Crook, crook, crook,? I believe so. He contacted me by email today again regarding an inquiry I made to an ad for Christie Reising Mags....he noticed they had sold but had some he didn't need so offered them to me and at just $90 each. And the picture was stolen from the very ad just about a week ago on Sturm that I had inquired to and those were sold! Now instead of Indiana he said he's in North Carolina ...... Note: I tried to look up Zarubathe pawn in Indiana and found nothing. Do not send this guy any money you don't want to lose!
  2. Any discounts on four? Shipping to 55110? Thanks. John
  3. WTS US M3 grease gun C&R $26000

    Joseph, check your email please.