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  1. WTB MP40 magazines

    I have a bunch of nice ones I’ll let go for $100 each or $400 for 5 plus actual shipping and insurance costs.
  2. WTB: M60 E6 upgrade kit in black or tan.
  3. WTB: M60 E6 buttstock

    WTB: M60 E6 black, buttstock.
  4. I will take 10 of these mags and pay by papal!
  5. WTB: Owen SmG

    WTB: Australian Owen SMG
  6. What was your first major Machine Gun Shoot?

    Knob Creek spring 1995!
  7. WTS: two Stery Aug 30 magazines. $30 + $9 priority mail shipping to the lower 48. Can not sell to areas where high capacity magazines are illegal to buy or own. Payment by paypal or USPS MO. Personal checks will delay shipping until the check clears the bank.
  8. WTS: Stery Aug 30 rd mags

    Please pay by paypal as a gift. Please send me your address for shipment! Thanks, Michael
  9. WTS: Stery Aug 30 rd mags

    new lower price: $20 for two like new 30 round styer Aug .223 mags with black end plates. Shipping $8 priority USPS mail.