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  1. WTB: Quality Machine Guns, Funds Overnighted

    Debar Reuben, I have a Sten MK II I’d like to sell! I’ve dealt with you before. What would you pay me for it? Thanks, Michael Land,
  2. WTB: Original German WWII MP40 Magazines

    I have a few I will part with! Michael. Email.
  3. Sten Mk II Parts Kit

    I’ve got what you want- email Thanks, Michael
  4. WTB: M60 stripped bolt - BOUGHT

    I have several I will sell for $250 each
  5. WTB - HK Auto sear

    I have a Fleming sear in a navy or 3 position pack your choice-$33,000, shipped USPS registered mail to lower 48 states.
  6. Thompson Drum

    I have some nice ones for sale that function perfectly in my full auto Thompson 1928.
  7. POLYTECH MAGS and Bayonet

    I have some nice ones for sale.
  8. WTB MP40 magazines

    I have 30 + and will sell a few nice ones for $100 + shipping .
  9. WTS: M60 barrel

    Dear Chris, My address is: Michael R. Land, M.D. 300 Timber Lane, Matthews, N.C. 28104.
  10. WTS: M60 Vietnam era used M60 barrel complete in excellent condition with original barrel bag. $425 including insured USPS priority mail shipping to lower 48 states.
  11. WTS: IMI Israeli made, DE 50, brushed stainless, ported, includes 4 magazines, second 10 1/2 inch 50 DE barrel. $1995.
  12. WTS: Colt 1851 Navy percussion cap revolver. 36 caliber, 71/2 inch octagonal barrel, manufacture date 1863. Functions and shoots. Sam! Elwell engraved on brass blackstrap. 1851 Navy Fourth model serial range 85,000-215,348. Grade 30-40%, Blue book price at this grade is $1200-$1600 range, priced for sale at $895.
  13. WTS: M1911A1 GHD

    WTS: Colt M1911A1, GHD, manufacture date 1944. 98+ condition. $1995.
  14. I would like to buy one of you type 3 trips and spring.
  15. WTS: Sten 32 round magazines , nice bluing. $15 or $75 for all 6 magazines.
  16. Lancaster 50 round magazine; will also fit and work with Sten. $80.
  17. Transferable Sten MKII, including three mags, one spoon type mag loader. Runs great! $6200. On form 4 in North Carolina.
  18. Various nice Sten stocks, ie “hoop” stock $40, grip stock (smaller one) $15, larger grip stock, $20.
  19. Various Sten parts, see picture. $195 ncluding insured USPS shipping. J
  20. WTS: Nice Sten parts kit, $175.
  21. WTS: M60 trigger assembly. Used in excellent condition. No front pin or flat attaching spring. $275 including USPS insured priority shipping to the lower 48 states.
  22. WTS: M60 feed tray, used with scuff marks but completely functional. Including attachment pin. $110 including USPS insured priority shipping to the lower 48 states.
  23. WTS: M60 Vietnam era forearm. Used in nice condition. $175 including USPS priority shipping to the lower 48 states.