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  1. WTS: M60E4 MK43 Mod1 used conversion kit by Desert Ordnance. Barrel not included. These kits are no longer available from Desert Ordnance and are hard to come by. Kit includes: Recoil spring and drive rod; 2 notch E4 op rod; ammo hanger and attachment screws; front bipod and attachment hardware; MK43 Mod 1 style railed aluminum forearm; E4 feed tray; E4 buttstock; E4 railed top cover with feed mech.; Capco hard plastic ammo box; front sling attachment assembly; E4 fire control hand grip assembly; forearm assault grip. $2200 plus insured shipping to lower 48 states. Payment by USPS money order, certified bank check, personal check accepted but shipping will be delayed until check clears the bank. Buyer to pay for shipping and insurance (if desired).
  2. WTS: M60 Saco-Lowell NE Div. Maremont Corp. trunion. “Take off in excellent condition” The real deal M60 trunion made by Saco, $200.
  3. WTB: Reising mags

    WTB: Reising mags 20 or 30 round.
  4. WTB: Browning BAR

    Looking for BAR for sale
  5. I have had my JCB RDIAS since June of 1995 and replaced the spring several times with a ball point clicker spring cut to length. Works great! Basically free for the taking!
  6. WTS: Remington TAC-14 Marine Magnum 12ga.

    Will you take $550 plus $20 shipping?
  7. WTB: Reising magazines

    WTB: 20 and or 30 round Reising magazine 20 & or 30 round mags
  8. WTB: Reising magazines

    WTB: 20 and or 30 round Reising magazine 20 & or 30 round mags
  9. WTS: LNIB Satin stainless Desert Eagle 50 with 6 mags. $1300 shipped and insured to lower 48.
  10. WTS: NEW M60 short commando barrel from new Desert Ordinance E6 kit. Includes GI carry case and shipping to lower 48. $1600.
  11. WTB: Transferable BAR

    WTB Transferable BAR
  12. Ruger KAC556F $13,500

    I have a DE 50 IMI LNIB, Made in Israel, compensated barrel. papers and box , extra mags. Would you consider this plus 10K for the Stainless KAC556? Thoughts!?
  13. Transferable Ruger AC556F & KAC556F

    What is your BEST price for the stainless model?
  14. WTS: Luger 9mm pistol, add retracted.
  15. WTS: Colt Optics C-more red dot optic, AR handle mount. $110 including shipping.
  16. WTS: original German HK23e belt box, pristine condition, $250 plus insured shipping.
  17. WTS: Sten MKII, Wilson tube gun, transferable on form 4 in NC. Add retracted
  18. I have sold one earlier this afternoon. The one with the AR handle mount is still available for $110. Payment with PayPal friends and family for $110. My name is Michael Land Email: I will need your name and address for shipping. Thanks, Michael
  19. WTS: Colt optics C-more red dot flat top rail mount optic. $100 including shipping.
  20. Interested again about buying. Email at Michael
  21. WTS: HK 93, add retracted.

    Please contact me by phone 704-517-4616 my cell or email. Thanks, Michael
  22. WTS: HK 93, add retracted.

    Charlotte suburbs ie Weddington in Union county about 25 miles south of center Charlotte, on Providence Rd NC highway 16. Michael
  23. I’ll take the one M60 op rod roller shaft at $10 and the two M60 op rod rollers at $15 each. Total is $40. What is the shipping cost. Thanks, Michael