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  1. Gary Reisenwitz contact?

    Anyone have Gary Reisenwitz's contact info? Old NFA friend and dealer. Called the number I had on file and it's been changed. Thanks, Cincylance
  2. WTS: Transferable Chinese Type 50 (PPSh-41) MG

    Any interest in trading +/- for a C&R eligible MG08 with sled mount?
  3. MG-34 .308 conversion experiance?

    Mike, If you have that many bolts, one or two are sure to work. An ejector that is too long will not allow the bolt to slide past the ejector plate when the bolt is inserted from the rear and the ejector is fully forward. From my experience, you want the longest bolt that will still slide past the ejector plate when inserting bolt into receiver. It should slide past without tension, but cannot leave a gap between the two parts.. Since you have an abundance of bolts, try inserting them and look for the ones with a more snug fit and take those to the range with you the next time you go. It's easy to swap out bolts to look for one that'll work. I've got about 12k rounds of experience shooting the MG34. Maybe not an expert, but my guns ran good.
  4. MG-34 .308 conversion experiance?

    The ejector and the ejector plate must be timed right to eject the round when the bolt is in a specific position. All the ejector plates and ejectors out there nowadays are different from varying amounts of use over the years, so there's no way to give an exact number as to the correct length of ejector. To complicate matters further, both parts have angled surfaces. The best way I've found is to 1) buy a bunch of bolts and hope there's one in the miix that works for your gun 2) replace the ejector in your current bolt with a new ejector and custom fit it 3) send your gun to someone like Bob Naess or Brian at BRP to have them fix it.
  5. selling

    Yes, what is the process th sell NFA items on the site? Sorry, I'm used to the OLD Strurmgewehr format. Thx!
  6. WTB: Springfield Armory SAR-48

    Want to buy: pre-ban Springfield Armory SAR48 in standard configuration or an original folder. Prefer LNIB or excellent condition, but will consider all. Not looking for a bush rifle, heavy barrel or SAR-4800. Also looking for a FN-FAL 50.00 rifle. Scammers need not apply as I will ask you to prove that you have the rifle in your possession with a couple easy steps to ensure you actually have the rifle and are a legit seller. Thanks, Cincylance
  7. First time MG recommendations

    If you're primarily a shooter and in the market for a beginner subgun, my advice would be to keep saving your $ until you can afford an Uzi. For something different, you may find a "Sten-ling" In your price range. If you're a history buff, look for a tube gun MP40, Sten gun or Reising.
  8. Another Scammer !!!!!!!!!

    I asked him for a pic showing the item and a piece of paper with today's date and his email address and he said: "Thanks for writing. I am sorry mate, I am a very busy person to start doing such things. I understand your being wary and addition to us not having had any deal in the past, but I think at my age of 58, I should be a bit trust worthy. $95 isn't an amount to be conned, although, some thieves will do so. My word is my bond anyway. Shipping Arrangement will will have to begin immediately. Because I have many things I am attending to. If not so, I think we cannot have a deal. Cheers, David" Sounds halfway legit, but I couldn't get past the fact that he wanted a money gram, wanted to rush the deal and wouldn't show me any proof of the item. Then I found this Sturm post. Thank God.
  9. Another Scammer !!!!!!!!!

    Big David Turner strikes again. He just responded to my WTB post. BEWARE OF DAVID/BRYNDA TURNER!
  10. Looking for a HK A3 style stock for a MP5. Would prefer to buy someones wobbly, piece of junk POF stock on the cheap. Hoping to find that person that bought a cheap stock and wasn't happy with it before spending more on a real HK stock. Will also consider spending more on a real HK MP5/HK33/HK93/HK94 a3 stock in used condition. Thanks, Cincylance
  11. Is this new news? According to this page ( there is mention of shotguns having been removed from cars a long time ago: "Beginning in the mid-1960s, the Chicago police deployed shotguns in patrol vehicles. This experiment with shotguns was relatively short lived. Eventually, the weapons were removed from patrol vehicles amidst an outpouring of community protest and resentment. Today, Chicago Police Department policy requires District Commander approval for shotguns to be removed from the district stations to be deployed in the field." Cincylance
  12. WTS: MG42

    Wise-up, sir. BRMCII (Robert "Bubba" Naess) knows what he's talking about. Cincylance
  13. MP40 C&R questions

    Agree with Mike's comments above. MP40's typically just work. Most all have varying amounts of wobble in the stock, it's just a poor design. When one doesn't work, it's typically a specific mag, ammo or worn extractor. A worn recoil spring or weak ammo can cause short-stroking which usually results in a couple rounds fired even after the trigger is released. Some ammo isn't strong enough to blow the bolt back far enough for the sear to catch it resulting in a runaway gun. It's always best to load a partial mag for a first test fire session. Bolt handles can also seem to become loose or fly off although I've never experienced this. A mag loader is critical. The MP40 magazine has a single row feed and loading the mag more than halfway without a loader is a PITA. Cincylance
  14. ZB26 Demand

    C&R? It seems C&R guns run around $27-$32k depending on condition, originality, etc.
  15. German MP-40 Jamming ???

    The MP40 is a pleasure to shoot. They are so smooth they are almost boring. Sounds like you have two problems. The ejection issue could be the extractor or the ejector. Check the extractor, it should have sharp corners on the tip of the claw. I have an extra original extractor I'll sell you if you need one. The ejector should also have a sharp tip. The ejector doesn't typically go bad, at least not before the extractor. I'd start with replacing the extractor which is a simple remove and replace procedure. It's the combination and timing of the extractor and ejector that throws the spent case from the ejection port. The second issue sounds like the mag. MP40 can be finicky about mags. They get dropped, beat, bent...hell, they went through at least one war, so no telling what rough use the mag has seen. My advice there would be to buy a couple spare original mags and try them. Mags run about $80 and up. I hope this helps. Cincylance