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  1. WTS UZI barrel and bolt that I picked up in an excellent condition kit a number of years ago. 10.25" barrel with excellent bore with strong lands and grooves. These are original full auto parts. Bolt is only marked with a 62 on top and barrel is marked with a 7 and circle with what looks like a U in it. $125 plus shipping. Thanks, Jason
  2. WTS Factory German HK93/33/53 collapsible stock purchased from Gordon Miller (HK Specialist) last year. This is the latest design from HK. It was assembled on the rifle and only fired 60rds and removed. Like new condition. These sell for almost $600 new. $475 plus shipping. Thanks, Jason
  3. WTS Fulton Armory M14 barreled receiver with original USGI Springfield Armory National Match 22" barrel. Barrel is not chrome lined and gauges .75 on the ME and 3.25 on TE and is mirror bright. Comes with everything you see here including bolt hold open, stripper clip guide, connector lock, op rod guide, and commercial flash suppressor with front sight and castle nut. $625 plus shipping. Thanks, Jason
  4. WTS Bulgarian Arsenal Krinkov barrel assembly. Sold by K-Var years ago and is a 5.45 Krinkov barrel that is 16". Barrel is hammer forged, chrome lined, gas port drilled and finished in the original factory bluing. Barrel will need handguard retainer groove cut and RSB and FSB pins drilled. This is a great option for a build and then you can SBR once you have your tax stamp. Simply cut & crown the barrel to its original AK74SU length. Barrel assembly is brand new, New Old Stock (NOS). $500 plus shipping. Thanks, Jason
  5. WTS Excellent condition Bulgarian 5.45 booster for the krinkov. This came in one of the unused, cut Bulgarian krink kits a number of years ago. It was refinished by the gunsmith a few years ago when he built my kit but has sat unused by me so essentially it's like new. $85 shipped. Thanks, Jason
  6. WTS Imbel lower that was converted to a Type 2 by a machinist on the FAL Files and then freshly reparked. Comes with all the parts you see here with the stock, buttplate, pistol grip, and takedown lever being brand new DSA. $95 plus shipping. Thanks, Jason
  7. SOLD MKE manufacture black buttstock assembly for the HK93/33/53 series. Endcap is German and the rest is MKE. Like new. $100 plus shipping. Thanks, Jason
  8. WTS Brand new 3-point slings for the HK 91/93/94 series weapons with HK hook attachment points. These are made by MKE which manufactures HK weapons under license. 2 slings available. $30 shipped. Thanks, Jason
  9. WTS Original Swiss made SIG 551/552/553 gas block in gray Ilathon. Comes with two roll pins pictures. $85 shipped. Thanks, Jason
  10. SOLD Like new green stock set for the HK93. All excellent mint condition with a very good color match that is notoriously difficult. Handguard is factory HK marked 2ID and the grip frame is MKE. The stock is unknown and unmarked. Beautiful stock set if you want to turn you HK93 green. Price drop to $300. Thanks, Jason
  11. WTS Bulgarian 5.45 Krinkov $1625 WTS Bulgarian 5.45 Krinkov professionally built by Investment Grade Firearms (IGF) with an all matching numbers Bulgarian Krink kit with original short barrel. This is the desirable and original short barrel that ensures bullets don't keyhole and which goes for approximately $700 alone. The barrel has an IGF fake suppressor attached for legality but it can be removed if you decide you wish to legally SBR it. Comes with Russian krinkov sling, a stormwerkz picatinny rail installed, an optics rail riveted on the left side of the receiver, and 1 30 rd Bulgarian magazine (not pictured). The kit was brand new and demilled when purchased and since receiving it back from IGF, I've only put around 50 flawless rounds through it. The receiver is a Nodakspud NDS-2SF with pistol grip reinforcement plate. The receiver was also engraved with the Bulgarian Cyrillic markings to match what an original gun would look like. $1625 plus shipping. Thanks, Jason (