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  1. WTS: Soumi drums $30, 4@$100 or 6@140

    I will take 6 if you have inventory . Please LMK.
  2. WTS America 180, $10,700

    How much is it?
  3. Original source link is this: It appears to be true, in a city awash with gun violence the forces of PC are disarming the police.
  4. WTS HK Fleming Auto Sear $30,000

    This one was easy. The grainy pics above belong to a sear I purchased last year.
  5. WTS HK Fleming Auto Sear $30,000

    Another scam post. Deal with caution.
  6. Galil AA 329. Appreciate some advice

    Is this a full auto Galil? If so 23-25k to sell.
  7. M240L kit (gun not included)

    Guys great kit with some rare parts, someone should grab this.
  8. In Search of an original STG44

    If you are willing to pay crazy money to get it back, trace the ownership chain and find the current owner, and offer to replace it with a really nice one and some cash to boot if he will part with it.
  9. Decked out Spitfire 45 ACP Package

    This is a good deal, someone should buy it.

    Tag for photos.
  11. WTS Colt AR-15 Machine Gun

    It also has the large front pivot pin.
  12. Neo, not selling any RDIASs today and no dog in the fight, but you shouldn't be a "steelist" when it comes to RDIASs. The aluminum ones are every bit as good and durable and about $5K cheaper (meaning 30 vs 35k in this market).
  13. Colt is going retro

    Be nice if they made some new XM177 moderators.
  14. 30K is definitely not "market" on that Billistics RDIAS. It may be that one sold at that level but that was a one-off; an aluminum RDIAS sold for 32K in less than a day. As to the M16A2s, it happens there is a temporary supply glut as one particular guy is disposing of his many examples. They will be 38K again and represent a strong buy. As for Norrell packs, wow. Those are hard to find and going for big money these days. 15K plus.