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  1. Welcome to the New Forums!

    I haven't signed in for a while and appreciate you posting. An email was sent notifying me of the post and reminded me I should check back with this forum.
  2. Welcome to the New Forums!

    I am working around with the changed format and hoping to become familiar with it soon. The sturmgewehr board was my main source for tracking values and obtaining a collection a few years ago, and it provided a great service. I was fortunate to have dealt with great people and I did not experience the spammers or frauds. Thank you for the resource to find people with similar interests.
  3. WTB 8mm Mauser

    Thank you for the response. Email sent.
  4. WTB 8mm Mauser

    I recently acquired a World War II era Mauser 98 that had been packed in cosmoline and stored since the early 50's. I am working on removing the preservative and am looking forward to shooting it. Let me know what you have and the cost. Thank you! David