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  1. Kudos to Andy Blaschik / KGB Armament

    I sent my friend's non-functioning semi auto Cassi import Sterling to him after he promptly responded to a query on GB. I would normally have had a go at it myself, but striker fired mechanisms are not my cup o' tea. He agreed to look at the gun. Contacted me within a day of receiving it with repair options. He told me where I could find the parts I needed or he could machine full auto parts to make it work. I sent him the parts I bought and he installed them right away. He offered to test fire, but that wasn't necessary. He shipped it back ASAP. His shop rates were reasonable (and like me, I don't believe he charges enough). He sent back the old parts and everything I shipped with the gun. His communications were great. The gun functioned flawlessly. THANKS! His info; Andrew Blaschik Tactical Firearms Academy Inc "your trainer for life" KGB Armament LLC FFL Type 07-10-11 Office: 954-274-6962
  2. Beretta Model 71 .22LR SOLD

    Sold at local show. Thanks. Steve
  3. Not set up for cards! Please refer to photos found on "not sold" Gunbroker auction number 884259246 Gun is no longer for sale there, just saves me having to repost a ton of photos. Blue. European heel type magazine release. Overall very good condition. Minor scratch or finish wear here and there. A few deeper scratches/nicks in the finish and alloy frame (highlighted in photos. Note: a lot of what appears to be scratches or wear is flash from camera). "Made in Italy" and "Berben Corporation NY NY" on the slide. Four factory magazines and one high capacity unknown manufacture magazine. Box and large foldout instruction sheet both of which have some tatter). Out of an estate. All controls seem to work properly, but with any used firearm, buyer should have it inspected by a qualified person. FFL is required for purchase and will ship only to the address on that FFL. No face-to-face sales. Be sure this item is legal for you to possess. Will not ship to prohibited States/jurisdictions. Sorry, but no sales to NJ, California, DC or Hawaii. We have no idea what is compliant in what state/jurisdiction. It is up to the end purchaser to research and be certain that they are complying with their state laws. By purchasing, you are certifying the item is lawful for you to possess. If your state law requires a gun lock be shipped with a gun, please let us know before we ship. Buyer assumes all liabilities regarding purchase and use of this item. USPS Money Order, certified check or other money order. Not set up for cards or PayPal because of fraud, chargebacks, and their anti-gun policies. Inquiries/offers/acceptances answered in the order received. Waffenundbier@(remove)aol.com Thanks. Steve
  4. F/S: British BSA MKII* Browning $15K or Offer

    This would be good on a WW2 SAS jeep or LRDG vehicle.
  5. Biden’s “ assault rifle ..... solution “

    With the unequal treatment under the law these turds have demonstrated since they killed the Kennedys, MLK, the Hitlery shenanigans, Ukraine gate, etc, I will not obey another phederal law ever. Old, cranky and sick. Been shot at and missed, sh*t on and hit. Don't mind dying doing what is right.
  6. Value of m14 transferable?

    I would avoid selling high dollar stuff on gunbr*ker. You get charged a 2% fee up front for a reserve listing, plus the sales commission. If you get stiffed for payment, they allegedly credit you if you relist it again. A lot of hoops and no customer service satisfaction. I have never been reimbursed for non paying bidders.....ever. There is no sanction against a non paying bidder. If you do list it on there, just start the bidding at the minimum you want to get (building in their final sales fees). Good luck is you use them.
  7. Shite like this is the reason I drink.....nah, I drink because I like to. Hope it works out.
  8. Thanks. Doing so.
  9. Update on the RPB mags? Thanks.
  10. Are you splitting this up? If so, would be interested in the RPB mags if they are $50 each. Thanks.
  11. WTB Knights M203 GL Leaf Sight

    I bought one on Gunbroker for $35 or so within the last year.
  12. The Ma Deuce .......

    It does have one of those folding thingies though.....you know....the thingies!
  13. What to know about buying 1st MP5

    Actually, yes it is a good price considering the market of the last 5 or so years. Those guns peaked at over 40K a few years ago. I never paid more than $2,600 for a transferable HK MP5, but those days are long gone. Still shaking my head over paying $18,000 for a Colt M16A1 and $7,000 for a MAC10, but YOLO.
  14. What to know about buying 1st MP5

    Those SD cans fill with lead and powder. Cut a no longer silent one in half once, it was packed solid. Reduces the 9mm to .380 ballistics. True, on a pre sample, you can keep it after you let your license go, but dies with you. Unless your heirs are an SOT, it's got to sell (unless something has changed....like ATF's mind....another reason I've avoided pre samples, just one ATF fickle change of mind of becoming a post same again. Go with a transferable. I like the compactness of the MP5KPDW, but like the Mini Uzi, it beats the crap outta my cheek. Out of all the MP5's I've owned, I prefer the A2/A3. Get a sear or trigger pack unless you get a steal on a push pin gun.