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  1. SPF WTS Sig 556 SBR 10” LE TRADE 5.56mm

    My eyesight is horrible. Is that a polymer or a metal lower receiver?
  2. Original ArmaLite AR18 20 round magazines NOS $5 each (bought 20 for $100 from Timberline Hawk just before the ban in 1994.
  3. WTS Pre May IMI Mini Uzi, Walther MPL, MPK

    All sold. Thanks!
  4. Gun shows decline.

    They are a social occasion for us. See and engage people we may not see otherwise. It is also nice to see something in person before buying. We get tables at collector shows. Occasionally, one of us will sell something for decent money to the right buyer. Sold a ton of gold and silver at my last few shows. I am able to move a bunch of stuff that is a PITA to sell on line. People walk by your table with a lot of neat stuff (bring backs with papers, bayonets, Randall knives, (and price it right for buying). I guess it all depends on what one likes.
  5. Why the 2nd Amendment is Important……

    President Brandon,
  6. Newly manufactured Stoner 63 bolt carrier

    Last I paid/saw stripped bolt carrier $500/750. Cocking handle $250/300. Recoil spring assembly $200/300. They never survived the demill process. Throw on Gunbroker with those as starting bids and see where you end up.
  7. WTB/WTT: Colt Monitor, Stoner 63, AN-M2 30 cal

    Charlie Logan at Arms and Ordnance in PA has a couple of Stoners for sale.
  8. WTS Pre May IMI Mini Uzi, Walther MPL, MPK

    Full sized Uzi, MPK and MPL are Sold Pending Funds. Mini Uzi remains.
  9. WTS Pre May IMI Mini Uzi, Walther MPL, MPK

    MPL and MPK are sold pending funds. Thanks to those who expressed an interest. No additional mags available separately for sale. Sorry. Uzi and Mini Uzi Pre Samples are still available. Thanks!
  10. Selling for our shop. You must be a current SOT to purchase. Photos to follow. Pre May Dealer sample IMI Mini Uzi. The gun was refinished by Terry Dyer approximately 15 years ago. Terry refinished the gun the same way he does an HK MP5. First parkerized, then black coating. It has since been test fired only. It will come with one 32 round Uzi magazine. On a form 3. Asking $17,000 plus shipping. Pre May Dealer Sample Walther MPL Parkerized. Matching upper and lower receiver numbers. It will come with three original Walther magazines. On a form 3. Asking $6,500 plus shipping. SPF Pre May Dealer sample Walther MPK. The gun is in it's original parkerized finish. Matching upper and lower receiver numbers. It will come with three original Walther magazines. On a form 3. Asking $6,500 plus shipping. SPF Please private message me here. Messages answered in the order received. Please don't email as I get a zillion emails a day and would hate for yours to get lost. I have photographs, but they don't want to load here. Incompatible files. If I am somehow able to convert them I will post them. We cannot E form at this time and we'll have to do a paper form 3. One we did over the Christmas holidays took 21 days. Thanks
  11. Best First MG for Under 15k

    Switch over to 07/02. Make an M16 for the cost of an AR lower and a drill bit. MP5 for the cost of a Turk or Paki clone and a few FA parts. STEn for a $30 tube and a $250 parts set. $12,000 left to spend on a Shrike (whatever it is called today) and ammo.
  12. I have yet to resolve a problem with GB. Three and counting. Their customer service sux much bad. This far from never using them again, but they reach a huge audience.
  13. Grease Gun Scam on Gunbroker

    Class III or higher is code for "All of your AK5 parts sets are belong to us."
  14. WTB Transferable stoner 63A and 240B

    The FG42 looks like a former Winchester museum gun. Seen an MP40 (formerly mine) BAR and MP44 (offered here in 2006) with that same tag.
  15. WTB Transferable stoner 63A and 240B

    Charlie Logan is a straight shooter. Here is a transferable 63A and a pre sample 63 he is offering. Yours truly holding them.