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  1. Chest outside is a little banged around, but the inside is decent. Contents label intact. Comes with all the parts shown including two bolts, two recoil spring assemblies, five magazines in thick plastic, barrels, small parts, gauges, etc. The parts are excellent to un-issued condition. Refer to photos. I want to sell the whole set as is. I do have some duplicates (bolts, recoil spring assemblies, end caps, small parts, another case sans label) not shown that I can sell separately. Contains machine gun parts. Be sure this item is legal for you to own before you commit to purchase. Will not ship to prohibited States. Buyer assumes all liabilities regarding purchase and use of this item. Pay by USPS Money Order. Not set up for cards or PayPal because of fraud, charge backs, and their anti-gun policies. I've been buying, selling and trading on these boards and the old Subguns since they started. A+ rating on GB since 2009 as Armalitestuff. First "I'll Take It" email reserves it. Please mail payment within seven days of my confirmation email. Waffenundbier@(removespam)aol.com Thanks
  2. With gun confiscation eminent in VA...

    A mesh metal foyer. Bust in the front door and find they've run into a cage (ala Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels). Only instead of a public school type with an air rifle, it's buckets of dung suspended above them. Go Joe Dirt on them. Strictly hypothetically speaking here.
  3. Last recession

    I guess I could have sold other stuff, but at the time a fast dollar was faster than ten slow dimes. It went to a buddy, so all the better. I don't sell guns for a living, so I don't have to get top dollar. Coincidentally, the last four machine guns I've sold since 2010 were sold at approximately 3/4 of market value and the last for I've purchased since 2010 were purchased (all word of mouth via my circle of machine gun friends) at approximately 3/4 market value. It's all in good fun ; )
  4. Last recession

    I'm gonna say they took about a 40% hit in value then. I only sold one MG in 2008. M1A1 Thompson valued at @$20,000 right before the crisis, ended up going for $14,000 late 2008 (thanks, second ex wife for me having to sell). It went to a buddy, so I didn't feel as bad. I made a decent profit (paid $1500/1600 for it ca.1990 and shot it a bunch). Five years later, I bought another for only $1k more than I sold the first one for. Basically a loan of $14,000 for five years for $1000 interest. They go for $20,000/25,000 now, so not as good as it could have been, but still. M16's, M60's, MAC's, MP5's and some C&R guns seem to have bounced back even better.

    I never give it for 4473. They say it's optional, so I don't give it (mainly just to be obstinate and to enjoy hearing the dealer tell the NICS check person "refused" when they get to that part). When they make it mandatory, I won't have a choice, bit until then.... : p : )
  6. Did a telephone order for a couple threaded barrels at the beginning of the week. They shipped same day. Barrels arrived as advertised. Thanks!

    I never give my SSN on the 4473. I've never had problem on a call in, so no need. Until they make it mandatory, I won't do it. They may now want the SSN on the Form 4 because if you owe money to the IRS, maybe the $200 will go to them first. Kinda like how you don't get a tax refund if you owe them money (thanks second ex wife for them learning me that little nugget of info).
  8. And for those of you watching your sodium and cholesterol intake, substitute olive oil and ground black pepper on the brussel sprouts.
  9. So the girlfriend and I are at craft festival the other day (don't laugh, I ran into one other guy I know who sets up tables at gun shows there with his wife, too). As we were leaving, we got stopped by one of the petition gatherer people we so skillfully dodged on the way in (wearing Trump 2020 regalia) who asked me if I would sign a petition. I asked what for and he said "in support of the Second Amendment." You had me at Second Amendment. As I'm filling out the form, he politely asked another passer by if he would like to sign a petition. The passer by screamed "F*CK NO!" A hush fell over the crowd and I took the opportunity to loudly remark (without looking up from the petition petition...and without even thinking), "Must be a democrat.....or a Hillary supporter." My girlfriend later told me that upon hearing this, he slammed on the breaks, turned and shot a dirty look. Making the wise choice, he just kept a steppin'. I then commented, "no need to be rude." Next to the Second Amendment petition guy was the "legalize marijuana" petition guy. He didn't bother asking Mr. F*UCK NO to sign his. Had I been of quicker wit, I would have said, "Sounds like someone needs to sign the legal marijuana petition." Sad thing is just moments prior my being asked to sign the petition, my girlfriend and I were discussing how angry and unhinged and intolerant the anti Trumpers are. She said let's walk past those people with the Trump stickers, because I don't want to become a target by anti Trumpers. 15 seconds later....
  10. Tribute to a master..Tim Bixler/SCRC

    IIRC, he made a really cool vertical fore grip/ barrel extension for the MAC series. SOF Magazine did a feature on him in the late 1970's/early 1980's. I miss those days.
  11. M134 Mini Gun Build - Lots of Photos

    Excellent effort, Aaron. Not as easy as it looks ; ) Any plans for a Predator pack (with batteries)?
  12. Uzi advice for buyer please!!

    So, one needs to be wary of most Uzi's ; )
  13. Uzi advice for buyer please!!

    Didn't some of the full sized Vector and or Group receivers need rewelding at the rear? Not sure if Mini Uzis had an issue. Haven't heard of any such issues with IMI receivers. I guess Uzi Talk would be a good resource for Uzi info.
  14. Uzi advice for buyer please!!

    Nowadays, a machine gun is a machine gun. If you want an Uzi, a bolt gun is still an Uzi. A 9mm is a 9mm. I've been making, buying, selling, trading machine guns since 1985 and if I wanted an Uzi today, a bolt gun wouldn't bother me, even if it were married to a receiver. It's a machine gun. A machine gun is a machine gun. Sure, I've been holding my breath since 1986 that the Hughes Amendment would go away (33 years later, I'm a really bright shade of blue). Bottom line is, if you want an Uzi, if the price is what you can afford, buy it.
  15. AR-15 Lower not a receiver?

    The Europeans may hve different serial number placement specs. IIRC my Costa Mesa AR18 was marked with marker and model info on upper and SN on the lower.