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  1. Made a semi Stoner 63A (66A)....

    What are the odds of two showing up at the same gun show?
  2. Made a semi Stoner 63A (66A)....

  3. Made a semi Stoner 63A (66A)....

    Thanks. No Rob parts were harmed (or used) in the making of this film. It's all Cadillac Gage with the exception of a few fasteners and the fore end, stock and pistol grip plastic.
  4. Made a semi Stoner 63A (66A)....

    Took a little over a year to find, gather, purchase, make and modify parts. Successful test fire yesterday. Can't wait to go to the range.
  5. .223 M60 Parts - A closer look

    No sign of the M60 parts yet. Did John/Eric change the gas system much? According to Cadilac Gage's Interim Report on the Stoner system, they "had little success in developing a straight expansion cut-off system similar to that used in the M60 machine gun." The M60 bolt, op rod, piston and recoil spring would seem like a lot to overcome by the 5.56mm. I was thinking 7.62x39 for the M60 and MG42 as well.
  6. .223 M60 Parts - A closer look

    Will do. Could the barrel extension for the 7.62 M60 be used for the 5.56mm? I haven't looked or experimented yet.
  7. .223 M60 Parts - A closer look

    Bummer. One of our customers keeps threatening to come by the shop with some JRW pieces. Still holding my breath. I'm busy with Stoner related stuff, so no hurry, I suppose.
  8. .223 M60 Parts - A closer look

    Aaron, what happened with the more recent company that was supposed to make these?
  9. Does FA fire give probable cause?

    In Florida, machine guns are illegal until you show they are possessed in compliance with Federal law. Here they are investigating a crime until you prove otherwise. The one time a deputy approached us when we were shooting them on private property (we were with an off duty deputy from the same agency). He said he was responding to a neighbor's noise complaint. We told him we had written permission to be on the property and offered to show it and papers on the guns. He said that's okay and he went on down the road. I had just picked up my M60 receiver, which was sitting on the front seat next to me when I got pulled over by FHP (for barely passing him in his marked unit...I wasn't going fast). I apologized and said I was just so excited from picking up my new baby. He laughed and sent me on my way. Best story ever was when me and two other police buddies went to Knob Creek a month after September 11. We drove onto Fort Knox to go to the Patton Museum. We didn't want to leave our MG (and the two MKII grenades) in our hotel room, so they were in the van with us. Uniformed guards had military officers in uniform pulled aside while their vehicles were being tossed and undercarriage inspection mirrors were being used. My buddies were sweating us having M9's stuck in our ears. I told them to flash their ID's and tell them what we had and why. The gate guard asked to look in the back of the van. He said to keep them in the cases and don't take them out of the van. Have a nice visit. It's been my experience, it's all in your attitude. Cops like friendly and cooperative people.
  10. Thanks Dave. I haven't attempted to post any ads here in a few years, long before the change to a pay site. I don't mind paying, but I've been using GB (and maybe ARF.com) for the last several years to sell. I've met and done business with a lot of great people here over the years. I do still buy stuff from people here. Thanks for your time though. Steve in Florida.
  11. I sent the postal money orders in with my real name on them over the years. Probably still have my receipts. No biggie though. Andy and David know who I am from the Thompson boards and an email list and Facebook. My ads didn't get nuked. Whatever system used wouldn't allow them to even post and I followed the posting rules to the letter. And I've never said anything about it prior to this thread. No need to whine on Subguns. Again, no biggie. Steve in Florida.
  12. Hi, sorry, I'm Steve. I've been going by Waffen Und Bier on the boards for almost 20 years, so most people just call me Waffen. I went through a phase when I liked guns and beer...so Waffen Und Bier. I'm more of a guns and whisky/ey guy now, but don't want to confuse people by changing it. I am a public official, so I don't use my real name.
  13. It's one person causing his issue here and there is no getting around him. He is the most honest person I've ever known in the class 3 business. It could be a case of mistaken identity that his handle/email is very similar to a "I've been in the business for 30 years" squirrel who totally screwed me on a machine gun deal about 17 years ago. Over the years, I would send money in to this board amd Subguns even when I wasn't making any sales here or there. I also support the Machine Gun Boards site financially and never sell anything there. No place is perfect to sell at, but GB has been the least amount of hassle and BS and I haven't been screwed over there (unlike a handful of deals here and Subguns over the years). It's the people here who lose out on good deals because I now sell exclusively on GB and prices get driven up over there. Water under the bridge now. I was just commenting on the state of things in general. Thanks.
  14. I used to send both Tom and Buddy money. I have never violated a rule here, but the board has rejected every ad I've placed for the last few years. My Knob Creek table partner who has a sterling reputation and has been selling MG's at Knob Creek since it was a GP tent is banned from selling here for no reason and no appeal (even though we both have good relationships with the powers that be outside of this board). I have sold my stuff on Gunbroker exclusively for the last several years because of the silliness that has overtaken these once two powerhouses of internet MG sales (subguns and sturmgewehr).
  15. We'll take it if you still have it. Thanks.