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  1. I’ll take this- sending you a PM.
  2. (4) New, unused 25 round 9mm magazines for the semi auto GSG MP40. Will not work in original WW2 machine guns. $150 plus $10 for USPS Priority Mail shipping.
  3. Yes- still available.
  4. 5 original Colt factory AR-15 32 round 9mm magazines. All are NOS and are marked on the floor plate Colt Cal 9mm NATO with the pony. $400 including Priority Mail shipping. Payment by USPS money order.
  5. WTS: 500 Rounds FN 5.7x28mm SS197SR Ammo

    Bump with lower price.
  6. WTK: Ammo for C&R Sten MKII

    The Herter’s 115 grain FMJ from Bass / Cabelas is Winchester White box sold under the Herter’s name. American Eagle and Fiocchi always ran great in my C&R Sten although most of the failures to feed I experienced were magazine related. Out of roughly 20 wartime magazines I had, only about half functioned reliably.
  7. WTB a transferable sten, hard budget 8,200

    Did you check this one out?
  8. WTB Soumi strippers clips

    Scott C. over on Uzi Talk sells them. I bought some last year and they were brand new.
  9. WTS: 500 Rounds FN 5.7x28mm SS197SR Ammo