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  1. Got Uzi, if the other sale falls through I will let you know. Regards.
  2. PM responded to.... Sold pending funds.
  3. Suspicious Web Sites - any other info?

    Pics and verbiage were definitely lifted from the DealerNFA site..... Bank transfer and Bitcoin as form of payment also a big red flag on any gun purchase.
  4. Bump.... Item moved from Miami to Ohio
  5. A user, with the name of Bloatedfish has contacted individuals via PM offering a similar item. Please be wary of that user, as the same user offered me items on another forum, using an email address with a negative history..
  6. My brother and I discussed this, and we are making an exception to the no GunBroker links, for this benefit auction. For those that don't know, the Florida boating community was rocked about two weeks ago when two fire fighters were lost at sea while out on a fishing trip. This tragic event resulted in a large search of almost un-precedented levels that spread across several state boundaries, and a re-evaluation of the safety steps that many other boaters take. One of the men lost, is the nephew of a Knights employee - so Knights has opened up their vault and is letting loose of a factory new SR-25 LW Match from the 90s, with proceeds to benefit the two families. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/829348585 https://www.facebook.com/Knightsarmament/ Background info https://www.foxnews.com/us/coast-guard-florida-suspends-search-two-firefighters-missing-fishing-trip-justin-walker-brian-mccluney
  7. Still available... Would consider trades towards Anschutz junior/ladies sized rifle (1403/1451 etc), 40cal or 9mm STI 2011 mags.
  8. Courtesy bump due to edited price drops across the list of firearms.
  9. Re-Upping .. Sorry June and July were long months for me, with my move... Unit came with me to my new place, and I can finally breathe bit, so it is back up for sale.
  10. Re-Upping.... Held for buyer, but never received funds.
  11. WTB: Sig STGW 57/PE-57 Parts kit

    I have one that I will be pulling out of storage and posting to the boards. I will post the link here soon.
  12. M23 mount with ammo tray, as pictured. $400 + shipping from Ohio or local pickup.
  13. Ordered 2 accessories on Sept. 21st (showed as in stock at time of order), and finally received one of them on Oct 13th. The email shipping confirmation from Gemtech said that both items had shipped - but a hand written note on the packing slip, says that the 2nd accessory ($135) was shipping from somewhere else - I have yet to see any confirmation of this, or notification from UPS of an incoming shipment. 10 days or so after the original order I contacted Gemtech about when it would ship, and they noted that as part of S&W purchasing them, all of their inventory had been moved to Alabama and was being shipped by S&W - which seems to have put things in disarray. So if you are in need of Gemtech accessories, I would suggest ordering from Brownells or Midway, since buying them from factory is basically an exercise in frustration.
  14. Potential Scam Accounts

    WTC vs DAMCV62 et. al. Consider this one closed, as we are in a he said/she said situation - in the end I think both of you will be happier to not have done business with the other. Without weighing in on either side, I will note the following. a) When doing large transactions with an somebody you haven't done business with before (it's all relative I know), but for sake of argument - $20k, one really should consider doing the transaction in person, with a local surrogate, or via escrow services (offered by one of our sponsors for larger transactions) - it will give both sides a certain level of safety. If you can't arrange that, then move on from the transaction - it really probably isn't worth it (stress/transactional safety/etc). b) When setting up payment arrangements make definitive milestones for when payment is expected, payment type, shipment date and method, and any other terms. This can be setup by either party (seller can say I will give you X amount of days to make payment or buyer can commit to payment by X date following inspection etc) - but do set a timeline in writing for everybody to refer to.