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  1. I would like to purchase the full size bolt please. Email sent. TC
  2. Hello! Looking for a CRA marked MG34 barrel shroud with original markings and finish. Please no lined out numbers, no ground down/remarked, no X/Russian, no Star/Israeli, no crossed sword proof, no post war markings and blued not parkerized. If you have a CRA barrel shroud and or milled not stamped top cover that fits this description, please let me know. Pictures and prices would be a plus. Thank you for your help! TC
  3. My new "auto" marked Colt M16a2

    Congrats and welcome! She's beautiful! TC
  4. WTB: M122 Tripod

    Looking for an M122 marked tripod in nice condition. Let me know what you have. Before grabbing a M2 off eBay I figured I reach out here. Thanks! TC
  5. WTS M60E4 Mk 46 kit

    Posting for feedback after completing transaction for this kit. 458SpecialeA is one of the best! Clear and up to the minute communications, packaging was extremely well done/protected, parts were just as described or better. I hope to do business with again. Very smooth transaction! TC
  6. Hello, I'm looking to restore a few WWII era German MG 34/42 barrel carriers and am in need of the carry sling metal hardware. Specifically the "LUX" metal crimp on hardware pieces and sliding H buckle. Please let me know if you have any or know of a source. I've seen them on other backpack straps as well. They should be for 25mm webbing or about 1 inch wide. Thanks Much! Brent
  7. WTS: HK MR 556 FCG -SOLD

    Message sent. I would like to purchase. TC