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  1. WTB M24/29 Chatellerault Parts

    Looking for a bolt assembly,forearm retaining nut and bolt,buttplate,and barrel for the Chatellerault. Also looking for a bolt assembly,barrel,recoil spring and cup,and mags for a Cetme C2,aka,CB64 smg, Rare old beasts,indeed ! Response ok via email: Thanks for your attention.
  2. WTB: Original Walther MPL/MPK Magazine

    Have original,mint condition,Walther marked.$125 shipped.
  3. WTB: Madsen M50 parts

    Hi, Numrich has all the parts you are looking for,just in case you didn't know.
  4. Howdy, I'll take these,if still available.Please pm me at Thanks.
  5. WTB - Suomi Drums

    Hello Sv, I have a quantity of Suomi drums in excellent(issued) condition.Please p.m. me if you are still looking for Thanks.
  6. WTS: Exceptionally rare Sola Super SMG sales catalog

    I'll take your Sola literature,if still available.Please
  7. Has everyone seen this?

    Looks pretty official to me. I know it's not the proper board,but figured this was something fairly important.
  8. WTB: FNH Factory 3 point sling for P90

    Email me directly( I have one of these unused condition.Thanks.
  9. Parts set sold.Thank you.
  10. One Swedish K parts set with 36 round mag.Internals show very little wear;no rust on any part of the set.This is one of the harder-to-find kits with the semi/full fire selector.Barrel bore is minty,rifling is sharp and shiney,exterior is excellent.the magwell on this model was riveted in place,so no wire retainer is present to allow use of a drum.Could be assembled to use drum by purchasing the retainer from other online vendors.Set comes with a n.o.s.ejector bar;original one had the rivet pins cut away in the demil.Also includes used,but not abused,36 round mag;no dents or rust,just finish wear. No sales to those states where banned,if sold to a mag restricted state,mag will be removed from the set before shipping. Buyer pays $12 flat rate priority mail.Payment via postal money order,or discrete Paypal(add 3.5% to total).Email with questions or pics.This set is listed on other media,so is subject to sell at any time.Will update post if sold elsewhere.Thanks for your attention.