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  1. Need help on HK sear burst pack

    Yes...completely normal in my experience with multiple sears / 4-position packs. Once the selector is removed...the ratchet wheel kinda "floats," but will go right back into proper position when the selector is re-inserted. Good luck and enjoy...
  2. Shotgun fix

    I use a wave washer like the one pictured here WAVE WASHER FOR REMINGTON - OR HERE under the magazine cap of all my shotguns (with a magazine) whether they have the little detent or not. It's smoother, the mag cap stays put and prevents the exact situation you have now. The wave washer I linked was just can find them much cheaper than $10 ea in the ebay ad. Hope that Helps
  3. Fightlight MCR bolt catch sucks

    This is what I use with both my MCR / Shrike uppers...has always worked great.
  4. Biden will confiscate NFA first?

    Liberals / Progressives view the NFA as a success...if anything, they want to expand it.
  5. I'm interested if it's uncut. H&R in box 4a is not definitive. Do you happen to have FOIA paperwork on its history?
  6. Is this a Re-Weld? TIA
  7. WTB: FM-9 ELITE, 11in Belt Fed Upper

    Here ya go... FM-9
  8. To add to JNI's explanation of fitment...RDIAS' will fit any AR15 receiver where the interior rear "pocket" of the receiver is milled to the original SP1 spec. My guess is the majority of the new AR15 receivers currently produced are milled to the SP1 spec. Those receivers are commonly referred to as "low shelf" receivers. As a multiple RDIAS owner, I have used Bushmaster, DPMS, SpikesTactical, plus a couple other "specialty" lowers as RDIAS hosts. HTH
  9. WTB BMG 1919 booster reamer

    What you're looking for is hard to find and pricey when you do. Unless you're after a "correct" tool and just want something to effectively do the job...a 1.25" end mill will work better than you might imagine. Ebay Link I bought the same end mill off Ebay and it cuts and cleans the carbon out of BMG boosters like nobody's business. Hope that helps, Jon
  10. Inland Arms marked and as the listed manufacturer on the Form 4 just doesn't square...either Inland Arms re-manufactured (re-welded) a demilled Chinese receiver -or- it was improperly registered. An SOT can't (legally) just slap their markings on an intact receiver, fill out a Form 2 and call it good. You or your friend has a little more investigation to do. As for the mention of the PolyTech...yes I realize they're converted stamped receivers. The reference was for value relative to a re-weld milled receiver.
  11. It's most likely a re-weld then...depending on the quality of the work, the I'd think the value would be a couple grand (and up) over a run of the mill Poly-Tech conversion.
  12. Removed

    Here ya go WTS: FN M249s Para package
  13. If not a it registered? Transferable? Sample?
  14. HK expert BANNED from HK Pro...

    Don't know about ownership...but has also switched to same format.