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  1. Rdias & KS47 troubleshooting , need help

    Some questions and observations... Manufacturer of you RDIAS? Manufacturer of the lower you use for your 556 (which has no issues)? How is the fit/function/trip pivot (same technique) of your RDIAS to your 556 upper? RDIAS fit to your 556 lower? Did you have to "Dremel" out any material of your 556 lower so your RDIAS will fit? The portion of the trip on your RDIAS which engages the BC is angle-tapered almost to a is thinnest at its very top. Like this RDIAS Most trips are full-thickness and rounded at the top. This is how the top of the trip is shaped on all my RDIAS'. The shimming you've placed at the back of the lug is pretty thick...way thicker than I would've expected. Also, unless the image(s) or my eyes are playing tricks on me, it appears the rear vertical leg on your RDIAS is a little "splayed"...and canted to the rear. You have to be careful (even with steel RDIAS') not to force the RDIAS on an oversize or shimmed can bend that rear vertical leg on the RDIAS outward. Note how the pocket of the 2nd pictured RDIAS is completely square?...that is ideal IMO. It appears when your RDIAS is on your KS47 upper (upside down), the trip pivots properly (but maybe not completely?) when you push your BC home. That's good...but what we don't know is if the pocket in your lower is allowing for a little "drop-down" of the RDIAS when everything is closed and that is giving you some inconsistency. What you can do is put layers of thick tape or shim material on the bottom of your RDIAS, so that you reach a layer which gives resistance to complete closing and seating the pin. When that happens, function-check again for improvement. Doing this ensures the RDIAS is completely engaged vertically with the BC and the gun closed, where you can't visually check. I'll take a look at a couple of my RDIAS' tonight, just to take another look at fit to the upper's lugs and how the trips pivot. You could have a collection of factors stacking up on you here...your RDIAS' trip configuration, how PSA specs their components and their interaction. EDIT: I just went back and looked at the your 1st video. Originally, I thought the "shiny" surfaces on your rear lug was shim material. Now after I look at it appears it might be where the lug was dremeled? Did you dremel the lug surfaces?
  2. Rdias & KS47 troubleshooting , need help

    Stop dremeling and take whatever shims are on the rear lug of the upper off. Take the upper completely off the lower, turn it upside down, pull the bolt carrier (BC) back just a bit and install the RDIAS on the rear lug of the upper. Push the BC forward and see how the trip surface of the BC interacts with the RDIAS' trip. When you push the BC fully home, the trip on the RDIAS should pivot. You're looking for 2 things: that the RDIAS trip is tall enough to engage the BC -and- the RDIAS trip pivots fully. You should be able to see this interaction with the upper upside down and completely off the lower. If you want to shim the RDIAS for a small piece of stainless tape on the back of the rear lug...and nowhere else. When you shim the upper's rear lug on the front and / or're actually moving the RDIAS trip away from the BC's trip surface. Contrary to what a lot of folks is the rear lug of the upper which does the proper locating of the RDIAS. As such, the proper way (IMO) to install a RDIAS is to turn the weapon upside down, pull the rear pin and pivot the lower up and away. Then...pull the BC slightly back, place the RDIAS on the rear lug of the upper, push the BC closed and pivot the lower receiver down onto the upper and push the pin. Good luck, give this a try and let us know how it works.
  3. One last MG thoughts?

    As much as I love the BMG (1919a4), I agree with the guys suggesting that you sell the AC556 and get a registered HK sear (Fleming or Qualified). In my opinion, no collection is complete without an M16 (or RDIAS, my preference) and a registered HK sear.
  4. WTS:Sterling Parts Set

    pm sent
  5. Entry level 223 transferables

    IMO, it's always hard to beat an M16. However, between the FNC, AR18 and AC556...I'd definitely go with the FNC FYI...Lage just got approval for his 5.56 uppers in the M10 and M11 models. He now has 5.56 uppers in all "Mac" models...M11/9, M10 and M11. Good Luck.
  6. You're probably correct as discussed today...and in the context of difficulty of reproducing the Colt autosear -or- creating a work-around. I was thinking in the past when the right side double hook disconnector was the piece in which availability dried up 1st, while Colt autosears were still available from different sources for some time. Colt selectors seem to be the last to dry up and I still see them pop up from time to time. Good luck on making the DPMS pattern parts. I too always liked the fact the DPMS selector clears the stops and moves to either F/A or Burst from Safe...and Semi was 180* from Safe. That makes more sense for us hobbyists who spend most of the time shooting their machine guns in burst or full auto. However, Colt is Colt and the reason I settled with that configuration on a couple custom lowers I specifically set up for RDIAS'.
  7. I've had probably (10) 4-position kits over the years, both DPMS and Colt. When the prices got insane, I sold them all except for a couple of Colt kits. I currently run a couple Colt 4-position kits with a couple of my RDIAS. The 4-position autosears are not required for my setup and I sold off those off as individual pieces as well. The left (single hook) disconnector you're looking for is easy. Just use the disconnector from a 3-rd burst kit. The tail on the single hook burst disconnector is bent to fall in the center of the trigger valley. You can take that disconnector and hammer the tail that it and the correct 2-hook disconnector with tail will both fit and move, side by side, in the trigger. Use the Colt left disconnector, as the other (cheaper) cast left disconnectors out there will tail-break as soon as you hit them with a hammer a couple times. Your rainbow unicorn of these parts is going to be the right (double hook with tail)'d probably have more success taking a burst double-hook disconnector to a machinist to weld on a piece and then profile the tail. Good luck.
  8. In my opinion? No. HK sears and RDIAS' are "solely and exclusively" conversion parts as defined by the NFA. If anything, BATF wants to define these new forced-reset trigger groups exactly the same -or- as "a combination of parts" under the NFA...except they'll be post samples as they're being made after May 19th, 1986. Something that the the trigger makers are going to have to address IMO is the fact their triggers require a full auto part in order to function. That full auto part is the bolt carrier. It used to be that BATF considered ANY M16 fire control part installed in an AR15 an illegal machine gun. Over time...BATF turned its head on the f/a bolt carriers because IMO, Colt was sending AR15s (semis) out the door with a f/a carriers and then the other makers started doing same. Now it seems, the only bolt carriers being made are those that are f/a spec...except I think Ares / FightLite still makes semi carriers for the Shrike / MCR and only ship semi carriers to non-MG or ban states LOL. States passing legislation is a completely different matter altogether...and yes, when FL adopted language to ban "fast fire" devices, some believed that could also cover auto-sears. I don't live in FL and don't believe anyone had to sell their HK sear of RDIAS out of I don't believe that issue ever came up in any official or substantive way. FL people might chime in on this. opinion
  9. Private Party Transfers

    I think, you don't really have the stomach for this game. As a suggestion...stamps and coins might be more suitable for you.
  10. Private Party Transfers 01 FFL is a dealer / gunsmithing license. In combination with the SOT it's completely legit to accept a MG in for "gunsmithing services." It's controversial with some because both the type and length of those "gunsmithing services" in this context are not defined...removing the tax-free Form 5 transfer for gunsmithing requirement years ago opened the door to do this. I've sold guns both ways...sent immediately to the SOT for "gunsmithing services" while the Form 4 approval waits -and- sent to the SOT only after the Form 4 was approved. As a doesn't much matter to me and I'm happy to do it either way the buyer/SOT prefers.
  11. m16 4 position fire group

    There is no one "AR15" spec lower...low shelf, high shelf, SP1 island, no island or M16 spec pocket. There are makers who build AR15 lowers with a M16 pocket...that's completely legal and the maker's choice. The sear pin hole is the bug-a-boo. I can't see what keeps someone from installing a shortened sear pin in this unit and dropping it into an AR15 with a M16 spec pocket.?
  12. m16 4 position fire group

    . I see units with and without the pin. Regardless, what's to keep someone from sticking a shortened sear pin in the unit and dropping it in?
  13. m16 4 position fire group

    That's just it...all the naughty parts are there together. From my reading, the separate selector is a Colt pattern selector if buyer wants that option...looks like the base unit comes with a selector.
  14. m16 4 position fire group

    I've seen this before. How is this not an unregistered conversion device? What am I missing?
  15. As it pertains to SP89s specifically...they're a "post-89" ban gun and 922r doesn't apply to handguns.