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  1. OK...thanks for the (quick) responsiveness and again for your fast shipping. I'll have my eyes checked give this one a try.
  2. Yet, this is what I received today...thanks for fast shipping. However, it doesn't look like the pic earlier in the thread and it doesn't look as thought a radius was applied. Your thoughts?
  3. Thank you for your "Lightening-Fast" response and explanation...I'll be placing my order.
  4. Belt-fed Question

    I love my Vickers (and Maxims) and as Mike points out, parts and support for the Vickers platform are still very plentiful...especially if one performs the extremely easy 54r conversion. As mentioned and an important consideration IMO, the 54r setup allows the use of the plentiful and cheap metal belts and belt loaders out there...Russian or Finn. Yes, 54r is not as cheap as it once was, but I find its availability and price in my AO at least as good to quite a bit better as military surplus 308. Having said the above...I would go with the air-cooled 1919a4 (which I also love) as your first belt-fed. Not because it can be set up in's just a simpler platform to master and parts / accessories are generally cheaper. It's also more versatile caliber wise...30-06, 8mm, 308, 7.62x54r and 7.62x39 are common setups which are available to the platform. It's my belief that both demand their owners to be "students of the platform"...the Vickers even more so b/c of the water-cooled and fusee (action) spring components. If you're the type of shooter who just wants to "load and go" and not take the time to study and understand the "machine" portion of these machine guns...then neither are for you IMO. Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  5. Quick question...the first photos above of the 08 glands, appear to be beveled where the o-ring sits. This new lot appears to be flat in the same place. Are the new glands in the pic absent another finishing step -or- is this a new design?
  6. Yes, I understand not wanting to remove the selector stops, remark and refinish an original Colt A2 carbine (or any RR for that matter)...yet, that is what is required with the Colt 4-position fire control group. The DPMS 4-position group on the other hand does not require such. pm sent..
  7. I'm curious if you have a connection with Specialized Armament as your price, pic, description and product # on the 4-position Colt FCG are the same?
  8. I'm looking for Colt or DPMS 4-way fire control auto. I'm looking for full kits or individual parts.
  9. Looking for Bingham PPS-50 Info

    I have an open bolt RR model that runs great...and fast, like most all .22 F/A's. PPS/50s were converted as both RR's and Sear guns...Select Fire and F/A only...not unlike 10/22s, so the devil is in the details with regard to how an individual gun was converted. One thing I like about the guns is that every part on them is made from steel except maybe the buttplate. The receiver is a steel tube which I consider an advantage if the gun is a RR. Other positives...there's plenty of parts out there to support the platform and some options if a different look or configuration is wanted. EMF is one company which has parts: Obviously, spare proprietary conversion parts are a different matter. Original steel 10 & 30 rd mags and 50rd drums are not in abundance and expensive...Black Dog Machine supports the platform with both polymer mags and drums: It's a solid, cool looking little .22 machine gun which continues to have plenty of parts and magazine support. There's just not many transferables out there. Are they as versatile as a Norrell 10/22? No...but then there not commanding anywhere near Norrell 10/22 money either.

    I wonder if they're adding this information to the Form 4 to eliminate the 4473 an individual fills out at the time of taking possession? I just pulled up the "new" current form and the thing which sucks most for me is the transferee's signature is now at the top of page 3! Unless there's an edit / update forthcoming...Form 4's are now on 3 pages! SUCKS!
  11. I'll be doing a 1910 Maxim build (f/a) at some point in the near future and need some help deciding which water jacket style to go with. So should I go with the conventional fill port -or- go with the larger "snow cap" style of fill port. Pros and Cons for both? Thanks in advance.
  12. WTS Steel Broadhead RDIAS 33.2K

    Can also confirm BA made their RDIAS' in both Aluminum and Steel In the RDIAS world...BA sears are high quality, built like tanks and one of the very best IMO Disclaimer...I do not know the seller nor in any way associated with the sale of this RDIAS
  13. Is the folding stock plate welded to the rear of this gun?
  14. First Machine Gun advice, opinions please.

    IMO, the MP43-STG44 and MG42 are "advanced collector" guns and don't necessarily make good 1st or only machineguns in a collection. Most grow into guns like that where the complications of use and ownership are more -and- it's not their only choice to take to the range and shoot...after they have a few guns in their collection. If it has to be German, but doesn't have to be WW2 vintage...then the MP5 would top my list. Understand also since WW2 the Germans built other country's designs under license such as the Uzi. If it has to be German and WW2 Vintage...then of the guns you list, the MP40 would by my choice. Parts/support for the MP40 are not rare, but they are expensive. The MP40 is one of the smoothest smgs you'll ever shoot, but the underfolding stock on most guns is rickety. During WW2, the Germans built a version of the STEN (MP3008) as their own and adopted other country's smgs as their own as well...such as the Beretta 38/xx series. HTH