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    I wonder if they're adding this information to the Form 4 to eliminate the 4473 an individual fills out at the time of taking possession? I just pulled up the "new" current form and the thing which sucks most for me is the transferee's signature is now at the top of page 3! Unless there's an edit / update forthcoming...Form 4's are now on 3 pages! SUCKS!
  2. I'll be doing a 1910 Maxim build (f/a) at some point in the near future and need some help deciding which water jacket style to go with. So should I go with the conventional fill port -or- go with the larger "snow cap" style of fill port. Pros and Cons for both? Thanks in advance.
  3. WTS Steel Broadhead RDIAS 33.2K

    Can also confirm BA made their RDIAS' in both Aluminum and Steel In the RDIAS world...BA sears are high quality, built like tanks and one of the very best IMO Disclaimer...I do not know the seller nor in any way associated with the sale of this RDIAS
  4. Is the folding stock plate welded to the rear of this gun?
  5. First Machine Gun advice, opinions please.

    IMO, the MP43-STG44 and MG42 are "advanced collector" guns and don't necessarily make good 1st or only machineguns in a collection. Most grow into guns like that where the complications of use and ownership are more -and- it's not their only choice to take to the range and shoot...after they have a few guns in their collection. If it has to be German, but doesn't have to be WW2 vintage...then the MP5 would top my list. Understand also since WW2 the Germans built other country's designs under license such as the Uzi. If it has to be German and WW2 Vintage...then of the guns you list, the MP40 would by my choice. Parts/support for the MP40 are not rare, but they are expensive. The MP40 is one of the smoothest smgs you'll ever shoot, but the underfolding stock on most guns is rickety. During WW2, the Germans built a version of the STEN (MP3008) as their own and adopted other country's smgs as their own as well...such as the Beretta 38/xx series. HTH
  6. mac 10 9mm UZI mag conversion

    Sam at Practical Solutions is the person who first offered and perfected the MAC to Uzi grip conversion. AFAIK, he is still the only smith out there who offers this conversion. Practical Solutions


    Kingsport, TN

  10. FOR SALE: Transferable Model 1910 Russian Maxim. There are not many of these in the registry and they don't come up for sale often. The Russian Maxim is arguably the pinnacle of water-cooled simplicity and reliability. Parts, ammo, and accessories are still plentiful for this model to include barrels, locks, belts, belt-loaders and 7.62x54r ammo. This particular 1910 was put together by the "Russian Maxim Master," Bob Naess of Black River Militaria. Bob built this 1910 utilizing a C&R MG08 side plate and pre-war (1938) Tula arsenal numbers-matching parts kit . This 1910 package consists of everything pictured (except ammo) to include a freshly redone Sokolov wheeled mount**, extra lock, steam fitting with hose, regular booster + "2-speed booster" (pictured) and wooden shipping crate. ** please note the 1910's versatility to fit other mounts / tripods to include the Vickers tripod and pretty much all of the Browning medium machine gun mounts to include the 1917a1 and M2 tripods. This 1910 Maxim is on Form 4 in TN. Price is SPF (funds up front) to include both 1st stamp and shipping PM if you're interested...references and proof of life happily provided.
  11. Deal with confidence with GSC. I purchased a couple of his 4-position lowers and everything was as described / represented. Fast shipping as well.
  12. SPF.....Thanks for all the replies and thanks for this board.
  13. Registered / Transferable HK Fleming H sear in 4-Position (3rd Burst) Lower. Pack was converted by Terry Dyer and as seen in the pictures, the hammer has correct factory timing. This sear / 4-position lower is in excellent condition, comes with a 9mm ejector installed and is ready to attach to your sear-ready host to go shooting! This sear is on Form 4 in TN. $32K OBO shipped to your dealer. i.e. I will pay 1st tax and shipping / insurance to your dealer. Lower will ship in new Pelican case as pictured. PM if interested. I can provide both proof of life and references.