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  1. WTB 1910 Finn. Maxim barrels

    I have 3 new SA barrels & 2 new chromed Russians. $250 each for 2only. heckinonio@gmail.com PJH 740 446 1822
  2. WTB Lanchester Magazines

    Are Sten mags the same.??? Have 2. Somewhere I have a 50 rnd Lanchester. PJH, Ohio
  3. WTB pre sample Bren MK1

    I have an excellent condition Bren w/drum, extra mags, spare parts & barrels. Trying to plan for estate eventualities. Donna is adamantly opposed to selling although she will be forced to come that time. Right now she is pressuring me for a Jap. T-11......... Unable to use this image procedure. What do you expect to pay for such a gun.?????? PJH, Ohio
  4. WTS: DShK wheeled mount

    Complete wheeled mount, without armor, wheels have different spokes, whole thing blasted & spray painted as close a color as my local auto paint supplier could come up with.......catalyst & hardner. $4000........can deliver 4hrs.......for expenses. PJH
  5. Will the belt loader work with repop belts that do not have the brass standoffs.??? PJH
  6. Form 3 / Form 4 Processing Question

    Gents..........I provided a local congressman a proposal as a law or whatever the proper title would be for a coverall 60 days required turn around for any document involving/requiring any govt office or official approval where any one of the document involveds is a private citizen.........this would be for any & all documents, fee or taxed ones especially. Any comment??? PJH
  7. Russian AVT-40 Transferable Question

    To me, there are two real clunks to shoot.........AVT is the worst. MP 44 is not far behind. May be slow rate of fire in the MP 44 instance, or heavy bullets.....??? I have both, will never fire either again. PJH
  8. My gun is on the wheeled carriage/tripod combo........ The cradle which actually mounts the gun to the main carriage has a "band & wheel brake" vertical adjustment device which is tightened once the gun is on target. There is a separate one for horizontal. Problem is this brake system simply doesnt hold the gun. After a short burst, the gun muzzle is up 2-3 inches. Sustained burst gets problematic to say the least. This same cradle with the same brake is also engaged when the mount is up in the tripod configuration. I have never fired it from the tripod configuration..........as some of you may know, Donna is missing her left foot......standing to shoot is not an option for her. I am not coming up with any simpler solution here.......... PJH
  9. What was your first major Machine Gun Shoot?

    Charlie Erbs Water Box Mine shoot...........bullet impact area was a backwater off the Mon River south of Brownsville, Pa., April 1984. The dead level lane of about 1/2mile was the worse road I ever traveled. Shoot was spring & fall, Pa's rainy seasons, water/mud holes in the road were 10-12ft long, 10-16" deep, one could count on his headlites being completely covered with mud coming & going!!!! I drove Judge Calhouns 1982 Plymouth wagon in, not knowing any better..........had muddy water in the back floor. I had bought a Madsen M-50, 9mm, from C. E. & the paperwork had just come back. Saw my first MG 34 & 42s, there, bought one of each soon after. Later bought a Jap T-99 & a Gustav 6.5 Sweede BAR from seeing them there also......................still have all these guns. PJH
  10. I tried a int-net search for information about these guns. I found many references to the idiot theater shooter & one to a traders guide that apparently had these guns listed. I didnt bother pursuing that.....as it required me to register......not for me. Here is what I have.........sometime around the 1986 cut off for mfgr of MGs. for personal consumption, Holmes of Arkansas offered a trio of FA handguns. I have an 8.5x11 single sheet advertisement I had requested & did receive. Holmes Wheeler Ark., PO box is listed and D.B.Distributing, Fayetteville, was listed as the distributor. These guns are designated "Assault Pistols", offerings consist of 9mm/.45 guns apparently the same size, and a smaller version in .22LR. From that advertising, I bought one of the FA .22s, #16. Much later, I bought another, #18, from an individual who was moving to a no MG's guns state. I also remember that back when I had a Cl 3, (dropped in 2000) I received an ATF newsletter that specifically laid out their outlook on all the Holmes guns, the semis were all declared contraband, even had a listing of serials in case one should happen to show up, while all the FA guns were OK.. Somewhere along the line, I was told that only 25 FA .22lr guns were made. Since I have #18, there may actually be that many. Questions...........Anyone else here know of or have one of these guns ?? Ever seen one offered for sale??? And, did they actually make any 9mm and/or .45 guns at all?????? PJH, Ohio Holmes .22 FA pistols w/long curved mags, upper center of picture.