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  1. Just wanted to say.... I used to deal with Robert and his Momma when I lived in AZ over a decade ago... he is truly one of the good ones... bought a ton of stuff from him and it was ALWAYS better than described.

    Hey Mike... have you sold your 22 WRF? If not I WILL TAKE IT!!! thanks, Dan
  3. Bad news today for me...

    So sorry to hear about your health. I am retired Border Patrol and was poisoned about 6 times (on purpose) luckily, I only got food poisoning... I did donate the max (240 hours) of leave to an Agent I didn’t know who was poisoned with a farm chemical... I wish I saved his name... I’d like to know how he’s doing... I think he was poisoned in the North West... and it really did a number on him from what I hear... Good luck to you and God Bless! Will keep you in my prayers. Dan
  4. Wtb m240 barell

    Hey Thomas M...I have a brand new sealed in plastic M249 para barrel as well as a lightly used one.... maybe 1000 rds through a Postie I had years ago (if I can find it)...let me know if you are interested. Thx. Dan
  5. WTB: HK 93 Woodland camo factory mags

    Hey Brother, I have 4 woodland camo 93 mags brand new in wrap from CDNN DECADE or so ago...just let me know. thx Dan 701-331-2868