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  1. WTS AS New HK MP5 A2 Post Sample $3495-

    Nope. Only transferable machine guns can go to an individual (built in the states prior to May 19,1986 or imported prior to 1968). Post-86 and Pre-86 dealer samples can only transfer to a dealer that has paid their SOT (Special Occupation Tax). I wish a transferable MP-5 only cost as little as this one. You're looking at $30,000 for a transferable MP-5, which is either a registered receiver, sear or trigger pack.
  2. New Record! Form 4 1-14-16 arrived 3-19-16

    Not to burst all of your bubbles, but I rewatted a dewat M1 Thompson on a form 1 and got it back in three hours via eforms on 11-13-2014 by Ted Clutter.