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  1. WTB: TNW Belt Linker

    I'm looking for one of the belt linkers that TNW produced several years ago for a project. Let me know if you have one you are willing to part with. Thanks.
  2. Shipping a Pallet of Ammo Freight

    I used in the past to pick up from an online auction house and bring me appox. 700 lbs of ammo. Worked out well.
  3. NIB M16A2 Rifle, Commando, & Factory Cutaway

    The M16 cutaway is great! I have an upper and have seen a couple of lowers floating around, but I've never seen a lower because they are as you say still a MG. I really appreciate the good pics too. Some day, I may try to make a cutaway AR15 lower to match the factory upper i have. Thanks for posting and good luck with the sales.
  4. I have a case of new .308 links for 1919a4's. The case has 99 smaller boxes each with 20 links for 1,980 total links. It was missing 1 of the small boxes when I bought it, so not quite a full case. $350 obo plus shipping. I haven't posted much here but use the same handle on, eBay, and falfiles if you want to look up my feedback there.
  5. WTS: M27 / 5.56MM Links in 5,000 piece Lots

    Just wanted to check in to see if you might have more links available soon. Thanks.
  6. WTS: Group Industries Stainless Steel M16A1

    Yes, the rifle is still available.
  7. I have a rare, fully-transferable Group Industries Stainless Steel M16A1 that I'm selling. Only ~100 of the Group Industries stainless steel lowers were ever produced. This rifle will transfer from my SOT FFL directly to your SOT FFL dealer. In other words, it is already on a Form 3 for fast transfer. Price is $33,000 plus shipping and insurance.
  8. WTB: MG34

    Still looking.
  9. WTB: MG34

    Unfortunately, I can't purchase a dealer sample. Still looking for a fully transferable MG34.
  10. WTB: MG34

    I can provide at least one reference on this board. If anyone is concerned about my low post count on Sturm, I also use the same handle on, Falfiles, and ebay and have been a member of those sites with feedback for many years. Thanks.
  11. WTB: MG34

    It really depends on what the gun is and what comes with it. I'm willing to pay more for a numbers matching gun with accessories than a non-numbers matching gun with no accessories. If you have one, send me a pm with details. Thanks
  12. WTB: MG34

    I'm looking for a fully transferable MG34. If you have one, please drop me a line. Thanks.