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  1. WTB Chauchat parts

    No spare barrel. Parts for these are hard to find.
  2. WTB Chauchat parts

    I am looking for a bolt for the Chauchat or any other parts you may have. Thanks
  3. Hotchkiss 25mm Anti-Tank Cannon, carriage, parts

    Thanks for the pics, that helps. Yes it is a Hotchkiss and worth money for the parts alone. I was hoping it was maybe a 25mm Puteaux. Post it on Gunbroker or keep up dating this post and someone may buy it. Worth at minimum a couple thousand. Also post it on the G503 under the artillery section, lots of artillery posts there. It may take a year or two but these parts are worth money to someone in need. Rebuilt 25mm Puteauxs, that shoot, start at $15,000 and go up depending on condition and ammo that comes with it so I guess hoctchkiss is worth about the same. Good luck.
  4. Hotchkiss 25mm Anti-Tank Cannon, carriage, parts

    Do you have any pictures? Parts are always worth selling, even for spare parts. If it is a Puteaux I would be interested in buying. Where are you located? As long as there is no Breech it is classified as only parts and can be sold. The Breech is the registered part and needs an approved Form 1 or Form 4 to be legal. Even a Breech by itself is ok to have as long as there is no barrel to go with it. Post pics please. If you do not know what is the Breech block I can post pics if you like. Price would depend on condition, parts being sold etc. Thanks.
  5. WTS 1952 Jeep with 25MM gun. 30K

    Love it, and at $15,000 for Jeep and $15,000 for gun a good deal. What engine is in the Jeep? Looks like it is in PA?
  6. Chauchat barrel pictures

    Do you have any spare parts that you could sale? I am looking for another bolt? Thanks
  7. Chauchat barrel pictures

    https://www.1919a4.com/threads/chauchat-failure-to-feed-issues.103237/#post-688195 feed ramp problems with parvi partisan ammo
  8. Chauchat barrel pictures

    Also watch this YouTube video, very good explanation by Mark Novak.
  9. Chauchat barrel pictures

    Caveat, be careful about ammo, Balle D ammo(WWI) vs BALLE N ammo(WWII) ammo. Parvi Partisan is Balle D spec ammo and will also work with with barrels marked with an N. But Balle N ammo will not work if you have a WWI barrel that has not been converted to Balle N ammo specs, only Balle D ammo will work, just slip a round into the breech without closing the bolt, the round should go all the way in up to the rim, if not then the bolt may still slam the round in and fire but will not extract, after if cools you can usually extract by hand or else run a rod down the barrel to push out the brass. It took me 20 years to figure this out even though I had the book, old age, lots of spare time and experience with reloading is what it took for me to figure it out. Also see this thread for more info about Chauchat: http://www.machinegunboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=24064&hl=%2Bballe+%2Bballe#entry214189
  10. Chauchat barrel pictures

    See this thread for pics and advice: http://www.machinegunboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=21160&hl=chauchat
  11. Sir

    i would like to change my user name from jamesbucklin to waterdawg2000 


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  12. Can an admin give me a username change?

    Sir Can I get a user name change? Thanks
  13. WTB: Chauchat recoil springs

    I think I will pass on that idea.
  14. WTB: Chauchat recoil springs

    http://aassniper98.com/en/fm-chauchat/10488-2-ressort-recuperateur-neuf-fm-chauchat-.html found them here but in France, can these be imported?
  15. WTB Puteaux or hotchkiss 25mm

    I will have one this year for sale. It is in Wyoming and I will be shooting it again this June at Casper, Wy. Then put it up for sale. Jim