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  1. Sir

    i would like to change my user name from jamesbucklin to waterdawg2000 


    jamesbucklin ( jbucklin2000@yahoo.com ) s
    1. David Albert

      David Albert

      Update has been made.  Your login will remain the same as before.


    2. waterdawg2000


      Thank you

  2. Can an admin give me a username change?

    Sir Can I get a user name change? Thanks
  3. WTB: Chauchat recoil springs

    I think I will pass on that idea.
  4. WTB: Chauchat recoil springs

    http://aassniper98.com/en/fm-chauchat/10488-2-ressort-recuperateur-neuf-fm-chauchat-.html found them here but in France, can these be imported?
  5. WTB Puteaux or hotchkiss 25mm

    I will have one this year for sale. It is in Wyoming and I will be shooting it again this June at Casper, Wy. Then put it up for sale. Jim
  6. New MG08/15 Booster Assembly $375

    I see you make a Maxim MG08-08/15 Firing pin spring install tool now. Do you have any plans to make any other parts for the 08/15 Maxims, like a barrel sleeve etc? Thanks
  7. New MG08/15 Booster Assembly $375

    Thanks for the reply, no it can wait. Just was worried the order did not get received. Thanks
  8. New MG08/15 Booster Assembly $375

    Are these shipping yet? I ordered one online with a firing pin but have not seen it charged to my account?
  9. Thanks for the update, I need to order both Vickers and 08/15.
  10. WTS: Model of M1917A1 SOLD

    Pm sent
  11. WTS: Model of M1917A1 SOLD

    Nice, any more pics available? Like Close ups of receiver? Thanks
  12. What to know about mp40s

    BRMCII aka bubba hit the nail on the head. My gun has all of these issues including my rear site fell off and I still just pick it up and shoot it anyway. I have a well used beat up shooter grade tube gun and I still would not trade it for anything,. To much history and fun, I love to watch WWII documentarys with Whermacht troops carrying these weapons. Buy one and you will have many Happy Trails. Buck
  13. WTB Chauchat bolt or parts needed

    Looking for Chauchat parts. Need any of the bolt parts except firing pin. I have already seen the Gunbroker parts but it had been cut. Thanks for any leads.
  14. 81mm Mortar Bipod, 60mm projos.

    I am looking for 25mm puteaux or hotchkiss brass and projos? What do you have, any pic, and how much are you asking? Thanks for any info.
  15. Interested if you can build, I have seen your work and it is always good stuff. Pm sent.