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  1. 81mm Mortar Bipod, 60mm projos.

    I am looking for 25mm puteaux or hotchkiss brass and projos? What do you have, any pic, and how much are you asking? Thanks for any info.
  2. Interested if you can build, I have seen your work and it is always good stuff. Pm sent.
  3. Chauchat 8mm mags out there?

    if it is anvil mark novak then I have already talked to him but thanks anyway. I have to take my Chauchat apart and clean first , it has been sitting for a long time. I saw some YouTube vdos which has motivated me to try it out again. Thanks and Happy Trails Buck
  4. Chauchat 8mm mags out there?

    Who works on them for you? Anyone in the Midwest?
  5. WTB looking for Puteaux ammunition

    Also powder, what type to use and where to buy?
  6. WTB looking for Puteaux ammunition

    Or manuels?
  7. WTB: Chauchat recoil springs

    Need both recoil springs for a Chauchat. Also Does anybody have a source for new ones? Thanks
  8. I will take it, PM sent. Thanks.
  9. Mortar rounds 60mm and 81mm

    Do you have pics for these? Thanks.
  10. WTB Chauchat Registered dewats buggered guns etc

    Old post but did anyone make barrels or mags for these?
  11. WTS: MK123 Lightweight .50 Cal Tripods - Pics

    Nice, are they dated?
  12. Dewat re-activations

    Try again, he is busy because he is good.
  13. FS or Trade: Ramo 1917A1 Water Cooled 30-06 $17,500

    Any interest in mortars? 60mm and 81mm US. One live of each and a display 81mm. With ammo.
  14. WTS: MP-40 receiver pieces

    Do you have a bolt or stock for sale?