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  1. WTS: MP-40 receiver pieces

    Do you have a bolt or stock for sale?
  2. WTS: Maxim Cloth Belts

    Are the tabs stamped with anything?
  3. Do you have any other parts for the MP40? Thanks
  4. Fingerprint card? Whose employer?

    Thanks, that makes sense if it is for a specific job. I had thought it would be for the finger printers employee so that the ATF could check to make sure is was not done by some random person.
  5. Can an individual without a SOT transfer to a SOT in another state directly or does it have to go thru a SOT in the individuals state first? So on the form 4 the seller(transferor) is individual without an FFL and the buyer(transferee) is in another state with an class 3 FFL(SOT) and it is a Destructive Device? The buyer is not going to resale it but keep it. Seller(no ffl) -> buyer with class 3 FFL in different state on Form 4.
  6. On Fingerprint cards there is a block for employer. Whose employer? I assumed it was the employer of the person taking the prints but he said it was for my employer. Please advise and thanks.
  7. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    Buy a Vickers or 1917A1. They run good, parts are still available on line.You can run a 250 round belt thru these with no problems if they are set up right. Buy a gun that comes with as many accessories as possible, you will need them. Buy from some one who actually shoots the weapon. Do not buy the cheapest ammo like Pakistan ammo, no good. Buy all of the spare parts you can afford now, prices only go up. Lots of history to these guns also.
  8. MP40 kit with 80% tube.

    How much are your asking?
  9. Is there a change in USPS policy on shipping NFA?

    I will try FedEx tomorrow. I am getting the feeling our government is not gun friendly:)
  10. Is there a change in USPS policy on shipping NFA?

    I called the local ATF, said there is no change in policy but that the USPS is "moving that way" He refused to elaborate on that but just kept repeating "they are moving that way"??? He suggested I use a private carrier.
  11. I tried to ship a subgun today by registered and insured mail. The clerk had all kinds of questions then referred me to her supervisor who the had to call his supervisor then the postal inspection. The supervisor at my post office(the only one in town) says that about 3 months ago the regulations changed and that I can only ship dealer to dealer. I told him I was shipping in for repair. He told me to call the ATF? Please advise.
  12. I need more 25mm Puteaux cases, projos and primers. This is the same 25mm case as used in the Hotchkiss. Thanks for any leads.
  13. First time MG recommendations

    Buy a 1919A4 belt fed. About $16K and worth every penny. History, dependable, accurate, lots of cheap parts available, lots of good advice on the internet. You can replace almost every part on it yourself, do not have to send off to gunsmith to replace barrel or get it fixed. You will be money and time ahead to just get what works.
  14. Dewat 1940 Mle. 37 25mm Puteaux $12k

    Has this sold? Or any parts left to buy. Thanks
  15. WTS: 25mm Puteaux ammo

    Anything left for sale? I am looking for anything related to the 25mm Puteaux. Thanks