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  1. Yes, I did not do enough research on A3 buffered stock I had gathering dust. Posted it on GB at $700 and it sold in 5 mins. Left a lot on the table on that one:/ I’ll be posting the NIW MP5 LEO mags on HK pro board:)
  2. NIB M16 Beta Mag with accessories $150 + $17 shipping Paypal F&F, cashapp or Venmo
  3. WTS HK91 & accessories

    Sold Pending Funds
  4. WTS HK91 & accessories

    Upon inspection request for interested potential buyer have discovered that bolt head assy needs replacement. Sale on hold until I replace this part. Should be late this week.
  5. Help Identifying this HK lower assy & A3 stock?

    Thanks so much for the info!
  6. Help appreciated in identifying these two items: One select fire lower assy. HK33 or MP 5? A3 stock assy Hk33 or MP5? Only markings I can find on stock are "II" as shown in pic. Thanks to all!
  7. WTS HK91 & accessories

    HK91, German made IB='81 date code and accessories/mags as shown. Marked .308 cal. Softest shooting .308/7.62X51 cal I have ever shot. Note slight rust marks on claw mount lugs. I didn't ever mount optic on it. Includes bipod, mags and mag pouches in pictures $3,500 + $45 shipping in CONUS.
  8. Positive Feedback for FeedsTheNeed

    Thanks Steve. You were great to work with. Hope you enjoy your Krink!
  9. In an abundance of caution I called ATF re legality of owning possessing Mk211 Raufoss rounds. I am an FFL/SOT and I mentioned to the investigator that my understanding was that these were not regulated as they did not meet the thresh-hold of being a Destructive Device. I got a call back about an hour later and the gentleman said he had spoken to a Specialist and he reported that indeed these rounds were not restricted by BATF. He was curious about how many I was selling. We had a good long chat about the gun biz, family and other stuff. As further precaution, I went and had one of the rounds x-rayed. It's appearance is same as other x-ray pics I have seen of the Mk211. That is pulled ball projectile below the Raufoss.
  10. Is Jonathan Arthur Ciener still in biz?

  11. Is Jonathan Arthur Ciener still in biz?

    The FA sear trip & anti bounce weight. I had forgotten that Spikes, I think, makes an improved copy of Ciener’s kit
  12. Two, new condition - with a little shelf wear - USAS-12 stick magazines. Marked as in pics. One with molded in Made in Korea, the other with sticker saying same. Seem identical otherwise. $325 or $600 for the pair, shipped/CONUS. Thanks!
  13. Is Jonathan Arthur Ciener still in biz?

    Good news! Many thanks.
  14. No answer at phone, but as I remember he was never a person who answered the phone lol… No answer at phone, but as I remember he was never a person who answered the phone lol… I need a couple of parts for a .22 M16 kit. Should I just mail the money order with the order form?