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  1. Yes was bidding on some 444 brass on a auction site it went for crazy money. I am like you I will just wait.
  2. WW2 Reenactment on Lake Erie beach

    Been to this many times it truly is a sight to see.
  3. WTS M50 REISING and STEN $8,000.00

    the resing run good and what mags you have
  4. New to site

    Thank you I know everyone is worried oh look here is a scammer but im not just a normal everyday person with the same interest. thank you
  5. 1919

    oh yes I understand .He is close enough he can drive here in nw pa and see it in hand. I agree I to am weary of new folks .But we all were new at one time.
  6. New to site

    Hello my name is jim I am new to site just thought I say hello I hope to enjoy in your talks .Thank you for allowing me to join.
  7. 1919

    new to site but have a 1919 parts kit semi side plate rivet set internals are ordignal