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  1. MGI Military quick change rifle with 5.56 , 9mm and also 300BO. To do a barrel change, just lift a lever and slide the barrel out an replace it with the one you need. Same for the carrier and magazine well. The rifle has a replaceable Magazine well. IT comes with a 9mm Glock Mag well, and an MGI.223/5.56/300BO Mag well. Also included is the 5.56/300 BO bolt carrier, Vortex Optics Strike Fire 2. Unit comes with one Glock 9mm Magazine and one 223/300BO magazine Priced at $2100 plus shipping. 1. Rifle setup in 9mm 2. 5.56 Mag well 3. 5.56 Barrel 4. 5.56/300 BO bolt carrier 5. 300 BO barrel with Adjustable Gas Block 6. Vortex Strike Fire 2 Red Dot Scope Priced at $2100 plus shipping to your FFL Options include : Removal of Optics from price, removal of 300BO barrel from price , removal of 9mm from price etc.
  2. I wondered that also
  3. I would be interested in a parts set also.
  4. WTS:Sterling Parts Set

    sold pending funds
  5. WTS:Sterling Parts Set

    Older sterling parts set including uncut barrel. no magazine $525 plus shipping It has not been cleaned up at all
  6. WTS: Couple of ERMCO BAR's

    https://imgur.com/Xu2oW3T https://imgur.com/WoFXfsF https://imgur.com/Hff1OUP https://imgur.com/bME8JuM https://imgur.com/gvduJlN https://imgur.com/M6hHoiH https://imgur.com/GuF4SeE https://imgur.com/kGYf1Pk https://imgur.com/msNpFTK Here are some links to pics, couldnt figure out how to do it otherwise.
  7. WTS: Couple of ERMCO BAR's

    Pics of one of them $34500.00 plus shipping we will pay the first out of state transfer, 100% upfront, on a form 4 in In.Gun has had less than 500 rounds though it, he has 2 but I have not gotten pics of the second one, I may end up buying it for myself possibly.
  8. It was for the 77/17 but it sold already
  9. 1. 20" Blued rifle barrel 77/22 22LR with sights $100 ea. plus shipping Have 3 to sell 3. 96/22 18 1/2" with front and rear sights 22 mag $125 plus shipping 4. 96/22 18 1/2" 17HMR with front and rear sights $125 plus shipping 5. 96/22 18 1/2" 22LR with front and rear sights $110.00 plus shipping Condition of rifling on all of them is VG, they have tape on them for marking purposes only.
  10. parts all sold pending funds.
  11. M3 Guide Rod with front plate used $75 M3A1 Guide Rod With front plate New $80 M3A1 Bolt stripped used $75 M3a1 Bolt New Stripped $95 M3 M3a1 Extractor New have 2 avail. $60 ea. Mag Release guard and spring $10 have 2 Trigger Assy New in box $25 Recoil Spring set (2) $20 BARREL NUT LATCH spring $50 M3a1 Ejector and cover new $40 M3a1 Oil Bottle with stem (no Nut) $60 M3a1 Bottle no stem or nut (have 2) $20 ea. Guide Rod Locating plate $20 ea. Have 4 available Guide Rod Retaining clip $5 ea. Have 4 Guide Rod retaining plate Small $20 Ejection port cover with felt M3a1 New $35 Sear Used $15 Shipping is extra, if you are interested in all the parts I can do a better deal. Thank you
  12. WTS: Couple of ERMCO BAR's

    sorry still no pics.
  13. no I don't have any new ones left and all the used ones are spoken for also