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  1. I have a trijicon Electro-Optics IR Hunter Mk III 35mm Thermal Scope (640 x 480) which I really like, it has about the best resolution I have seen.
  2. WTS: Colt SP1 Carbine / Springfield Pro 1911 9mm

    what did the sp1 sell for?
  3. Parts ID and Value

    Thanks Bob, that gives me an idea at least.
  4. Parts ID and Value

    Got some parts I need ID and value, some are MG40 some 1917 and some ?
  5. Bullet Questions

    Mike, were you ever able to ID these cartridges and where they were made?
  6. WTB: HK 416 upper 10.4” & parts

    you might check precision arms in columbia city indiana Justin is a Law Enf. dealer for HK and has had some good stuff . (260) 244-4570
  7. WTB..M3 M3A1 Grease Gun Suppressor...

    you might contact Nick at Rock creek guns. I had him do a couple cans and they sound very good. http://rockcreekgun.com/SUB-MACHINE-GUN-SUPPRESSORS_c_13.html
  8. Do you know anything else about it? Who the make is or is it corrosive/boxer/berdan?
  9. Bullet Questions

    thanks Mike! Any thoughts on the 308 Ammo I mentioned?
  10. WTS:2-1919A4 & MG40

  11. $275 plus shipping
  12. does it not trace or is it unsfe to shoot that its only for components?
  13. I have some bullets up for sale on the ammo section, they are .312 diameter, nickel plated, they have a hole in the back which I thought looked like tracer, but I put a propane torch to the back and it exploded with a bang similar to a primer or more. The bullet was still intact, but what would this be? The other question, I have some 308 marked 80 MDRP 762x51 on the rim, any thoughts what country made it and is it corrosive or not? I have about 500 rds I found.