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  1. WTB:M3A1 Grease Gun Suppressor

    rock creek in alabama I think makes them
  2. Have a friend looking for a jap type 100 mag, anyone have one?
  3. how much are the sterling parts sets? I didnt see them on the website.

    1. Sarge's Military Surplus

      Sarge's Military Surplus

      They are shown in the collectibles section. They run $395. with free shipping. The barrels are in excellent condition.

  4. How much are the sterling parts sets? I didnt see them on the website.

  5. Colt LE6991 Factory 9mm Short Barrel Rifle

    post a price please
  6. WTS:500rds Winchester 308

    500 rd can of Winchester 308 1960's vintage Very good shape. $375 plus shipping
  7. Looking for info on them, Did they use the same internals that the regular sterling used? Anyone own one?
  8. Looking for ID and value on Items

    Thanks for the reply! Any idea on values of the items you Id'd?
  9. Couple of tripods , don't know what they are for, couple of pintle devices, Can of 600 30 carbine etc. Several boxes of 308 blanks, most on m60 links in boxes, most have green cloth with strap. Also some french 30-06 french, I was thinking it was bad stuff, 2-3k in boxes. Friend without computer access possiblly interested in getting rid of , but need to get an idea of fair value.
  10. Sig 716 SOLD Pending Funds!
  11. scope sold pending funds
  12. Transferable M50 Early Blued gun with the 29-29 fins on the barrell. Exc. shape except small spot of flash hider. Comes with Christie 30rd mag and factory 20rd. 100% funds upfront start transfer from my dealer , on a form 3
  13. WTS:MK760 $6700 F3

    Very good condition MK760 Irvine gun, on a form 3 in Indiana , Gun has some light parkerizing stain I do not know if it comes off or not, but worst case is a re-park.Ran fine with Win. 9mm nato ammo. $6700 plus shipping video of shooting a mag. http://vid1225.photobucket.com/albums/ee398/tal35/mk760/20161104_131524_zpswj0xbxwq.mp4
  14. 1.Ruger AC556F Blued 13" folder with Box Exc. shape $11995.00 on a form 3 indiana