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  1. Greasegun Parts For Sale

    I have an M3a1 bolt available
  2. M11/9 with Lage Drum Upper $7500

    no I don't but I think they are available to purchase still.
  3. WTS:2-1919A4 & MG40

  4. WTS:2-1919A4 & MG40

    Both 1919's are in 30-06
  5. M11/9 with Lage Drum Upper $7500

    Lowered price $7500
  6. WTS:2-1919A4 & MG40

  7. WTS:2-1919A4 & MG40

    Selling for a retired friend non internet savvy, 2 1919A4's on Inland sideplates for sale, $16500 each plus shipping, consecutive s/n guns. Both on Form 4's in Indiana. first out of state only transfer is paid. Colt MG40 , looks to be a re-watt, but have never done a FOIA on it, so I do not know if its C&R eligible. On a form 4 in Indiana first out of state only tax is paid. $16500 plus shipping
  8. For Sale nice M11/9 by RPB Made in 83 with Lage drum upper and 1 Drum. On a form 4 in Indiana $7800 plus shipping. First tax paid if out of state only sale. 223 Lage upper new , available to buyer of gun. Additional drums are also available to buyer.
  9. Greasegun Parts For Sale

    btt some lowered prices
  10. I have a 1 used HK marked mp5 coupler and 1 non HK marked coupler for sale, Marked one is $40 and the unmarked $35 plus shipping, will combine shipping on the pair . Shipping flat rate $7.90