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  1. what's bottom line on Ruger
  2. I live in Oregon. Do you have a whole smg to sell me?
  3. Machine Guns For Sale 05/12/2022

    I am interested in your M2 can you please contact me or phone me at 541 773-1`699. thanks Tom
  4. WTS: Pre-sample AR10

    That looks fantastic. I have a C/R License and am looking for a form 4 or 3 SMG or machine gun. Will you be selling something like that in the near future? thanks Tom
  5. Hi I have a C&R license from ATF. Can this item be sent directly to my home in Oregon?
  6. I am a private party looking to purchase a Ruger SMG, UZI, or a Ingram M6 SMG in original working condition. I have a budget of $13000.00. Please let me know if you have one to sell. I have a Cuiro/Relic license.
  7. Hi I am looking to purchase a SMG or Machine gun that is in good original working condition. Non molested. My budget is 10K for it does not have to be fancy. I own a Ingram M6 and would like one more machine gun to shoot. Thanks TKS