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  1. Hi all, posing this question here since the only attorney I knew that was knowledgeable on NFA unfortunately passed. I am moving out of state in November and have submitted a 5320.20 to the ATF for my NFA goodies. However, I currently have a pending eForm 4 (suppressor pending 3/7) and eForm 1 (SBR pending 8/12). I know that I am going to probably lose the progress on the suppressor with the eForm 4 and have to start over (such bullshit) but was wondering about the Form 1. I expect I will receive Form 1 approval right before my move and will be unable to get a 5320.20 submitted and approved on time for it. If that happens, am I in the clear to move without the 5320.20? I can hold off on the conversion of my rifle to SBR so I won't be moving an SBR across state lines without authorization. Would I be able to update the address after and then do the conversion?
  2. I have an Eotech magnifier without a mount and am looking for an STS mount aka a "Switch to Side" or "Shift to side" mount. Doesn't have to be the Eotech brand, but must be compatible with the Eotech magnifiers (G30, G33, G43, G45). Can meet FTF in Tampa Bay area or accept shipped