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  1. WTB G41W or G41M

    Hey there ! Still looking for a G41w for sale ! Thanks
  2. WTB Svt 38

    Hey there looking to buy a complete Svt 38 It can be Finnish marked or not. Looking to add one to the collection, let me know what you have or if you know anyone trying to sell one ! Thanks !
  3. WTB G41W or G41M

    Hey there, looking to buy a G41w or G41m can be matching or not matching looking for complete and good condition rifles no sewer pipe bores. Let me know what you have or if you know anyone trying to sell either rifle Thanks !
  4. WTB transferable Mp40 tube gun

    Hey there ! I’m looking to add a Mp40 to my collection and wanting a tube gun. And if possible I’d like it on a form 3, if you have one you are looking to sell or you know someone that wants to sell one let me know thanks !
  5. Best First MG for Under 15k

    I always seem Dpms or mg08/15s all the time so those I think would be a good belt fed starter if you are into also the historical aspect of collecting
  6. Anyone heard of akstuff.com?

    They are definitely legit, bought many items from them in the past !
  7. Hey there, Looking to buy a fully functional Transferable Japanese Type 96 or Type 99 light machinegun. No dewats please . Let me know what you got or if you have any lead on anyone who is trying to sell one. thanks !
  8. WTS Jap Type 96 LMG

    If buyer doesn’t come through with the funds I’m definitely interested .