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  1. Isn't their someone that sells inserts to use UZI magazines in the Reising 50. Thanks Allen
  2. Reising 50 questions

    I’m guessing from all the magazine problems discussed here H&R did not put a feed ramp on the Reising 50. H&R pistols have same issue and reason.
  3. Reising 50 questions

    Roy, would love to read the article. Have been waiting 4 days on administrator to approve my account.
  4. Reising 50 questions

    Well good or bad I purchased a Reising 50 today. Has been restored(?). Blued version
  5. Wtb: transferable Reising 50

    PM sent
  6. Wtb: transferable Reising 50

    PM sent
  7. Reising 50 questions

    I’m looking for my first full auto firearm. I had decided Reising 50 would be a good entry point. The firearm must be fully transferable. I ran across an article on small talk firearms site that states: ”The area where the auto-connector hooked onto the action bar was redesigned for better durability. A larger threescrew trigger guard was added along with a larger knurled take-down screw and a two-piece rear bumper plug/guide rod was utilized to alleviate the earlier breakages associated with the one-piece plugs.” All of the available Reisings I have found for sale are early models. My question is how much weight should these statements be given in my selection process. Also can retrofits be done to update the early models. Thanks in advance for any input. Allen
  8. Decided to purchase first full auto. Looking for a Reising 50 Fully Transferable in good to excellent condition. Thanks in advance.
  9. Well after many years of considering purchasing a full auto, I am ready to jump in. Looking for a nice running Reising 50. Not looking for one that needs barrel replaced,etc. I am in TN. Let me know what you have.