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  1. WTS:VZ58 and XM16E1receiver

    Mike Murray/ arrty62 has taken my $600 payment for the above VZ-58 receiver and then disappeared. No receiver has been received. No response to communication after he received my payment. DO NOT SEND HIM MONEY. Has anyone else paid him and not received whatever you were buying?
  2. Scammers and FRAUD ALERT!!!!

    Maritimesend@gmail reached out to me too. Seemed like a scammer
  3. He goes by artty62 on this site.
  4. I agreed to buy and paid for a VZ-58 receiver that he currently has advertised on this site on 10/27/21. He replied quickly and consistently until he received payment. Now he won't respond and nothing received from him. According to a post from 2020 on AR15.com legal section, a guy sent him several kits and receivers to build and never received them back. Mike Murray wouldn't respond to him either- for 8 years. Anyone in touch with him?
  5. WTS:VZ58 and XM16E1receiver

    Mike, give me a call.