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  1. Mac 10: original suppressor and stock availability?

    2" outside diameter, nice. I wound up finding and buying an original powder springs M10 can in 9mm from a fellow on a forum. Unfortunately it is out of state on a form 4 so I guess I'll see it in a couple years..
  2. Mac 10: original suppressor and stock availability?

    Someone on another forum messaged me and offered to sell his Military Arms Corp powder springs two stage 9mm suppressor to me, but neither of us are sure what a fair price on it is. What, in current times, would be a fair price to offer him? It's out of state on a form 4 so two stamps required if that affects the price.
  3. original style 9mm MAC-10 suppressor

  4. Mac 10: original suppressor and stock availability?

    15 rounds, 3/4 of a second worth of ammunition. I think I will experiment cutting down one of my 9mm Uzi mags so I have some practice before cutting up a $60 magazine.
  5. Mac 10: original suppressor and stock availability?

    I’m familiar with him, didn’t realize he had branched out past AK mags though. Most recent stuff I saw about him was that projects were almost years out and that he is just way way too busy to do it on his own.
  6. Mac 10: original suppressor and stock availability?

    Also, does anyone know if short mags existed for these? I can only find 30 and 32 round magazines. I’m going to try and get a custom shoulder holster like the old Desantis ones made by a leather smith I know, and I’d like a mag that sits nearly flush. I’ve seen a “holster mag” for the .45ACP model on usmachineguns but none for the 9mm. I have cut AK mags down in the past from 30 to 10 rounds, but the steel on the 9mm SMG mags I’ve handled is usually thicker than the thin stamped AK mags. For AK mags I leave the sides just a hair longer than the front and back, then bend them out to mount the floorplate on, but I think that would be very difficult with a 9mm stick mag
  7. Mac 10: original suppressor and stock availability?

    What do you think is a fair price for one? I put a WTB post up on this forum to try and find one. The one I mentioned on gunbroker for $1200 is a powder springs, complete with box. I imagine the collectibility commands a premium but again, I’m just looking for something with the proper profile. ive also noticed that the bowers vers 9 has the same dimensions as the original cans, it just lacks the thicker version by the bottom which I suppose could be mimicked with a large heat shield of some sort. Does anyone have both an OG can and a bowers vers 9 that could compare?
  8. Just purchased a MAC-10 in 9mm and I'm looking for an original style suppressor for it. Powder Springs, RPB, SWD, etc. I don't know what to price one of these at, as I've had people tell me they're worthless and others tell me they're very desireable and expensive. Throw a number at me and maybe I can get one of these clunkers off your hands
  9. Mac 10: original suppressor and stock availability?

    Do you think I could come across one? There’s a powder springs one on gunbroker for $1200 right now but I’m not really set on having the most collectible can, I just want one that fits the look. side note, my M10 is a MAC marked Powder springs gun
  10. Mac 10: original suppressor and stock availability?

    So I purchased the 9mm M10. I figured that while the thought of being able to shoot both .45 and 9mm, the reality is it would just be more money to have a .45 upper and can I’d likely never really use. I could put that money instead towards a dedicated 9mm suppressor. so, how available are the original MAC or RPB suppressors in 9mm and how much do they typically run?
  11. I’m considering getting my first full auto and I’ve wanted a MAC 10 since I watched rush hour as a kid. I’d like one in the classic wire stock with a strap up front configuration, at least to start. I think 9mm would be better because that $.20 per round difference will add up fast at 1200RPM, but I understand that the .45 guns can be converted to 9mm as well. I also want one of the original style old school cans. I’m looking at two guns right now. One is a .45 and includes an RPB suppressor and one mag, but is missing the wire stock (which I have yet to find a replacement for). It costs a few hundred dollars more than a 9mm model which does have the stock and strap as well as a few mags. While the suppressor is super cool, I can’t see myself shooting .45 full auto that often, so the can would essentially be a prop since the thread pitch is different between the 9mm and .45 barrels. So my question now is if I go with the .45, how likely am I to find a replacement wire stock? If I go with the 9mm (or convert the .45 to 9mm), how likely am I to find an original suppressor threaded for the 9mm barrel pitch, and how much should I expect to pay for it? note, I do not want a Gemtech viper, it’s too small. I want the iconic, enormous, outrageous foot long can. The bowers vers 9 is about the same size and could be a stand in I suppose. I also do not want an aftermarket stock. I want the original wire folder. Yes, I know it sucks. I don’t care.