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  1. HK-SP5L

    Contacted both parties in order you replied to add. Neither answered, so both now have my landline number. First one to call and confirm pickup today will get it. Anyone else wants it feel free to contact until its marked sold.
  2. HK-SP5L

    SP5L as pictured. You pickup sunday $2000 cash! Not interested in shipping, if gun does not sale price will go back up. Need cash now for another gun purchase.
  3. New Hk Sp5L 9mm

    91 deal is off 93 pending. If you are serious buyer pm tomorrow.
  4. New Hk Sp5L 9mm

    Waiting on the trades if both fall through you can have it. Yes come with Hk case with nice big MADE IN CHINA on back of Hk logo.
  5. New Hk Sp5L 9mm

    Not yet, waiting on the 91 and another 93 to reply first. If either trade falls through then its still for sale.
  6. New Hk Sp5L 9mm

    Sent you message to your email and also a pm on this site,
  7. WTS: HK 91A2 Arlington import)

    Message sent.
  8. New Hk Sp5L 9mm

    Brand new 2021 Sp5l. One of 1000 to be imported into country. Gun comes as it did from factory unfired new. Cash price is $2500, trade wise preban 91 or 93 possibly others. Located in Bryson city Nc prefer ftf but willing to ship after talking to buyer on phone and payment via usps money order. Like the gun just refuse to pay insane prices for mags and stocks.