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  1. Needing help

    Yes the trigger well areas and the majority of the lower is the same as a standard AR. SO a standard DIAS would fit, I just need to know which base goes with which trip as I think I'm mixing the plans. They modified the mag well and the mag/bolt release to be different. Also the bolt itself is different. Over all the modifications are rather cool. The design you talked about it something I wondered also. But I'd need to mill out the side of the lower to increase the width as it has the indentation on it to narrow it. As of right now I'm just trying to do the least invasive approach possible.
  2. Needing help

    Thank you to all that replied. The issue with drilling the lower is it is not a standard AR15 lower but the ARV lower from PSA. You can't just buy a separate lower but only in their build kit $540. If I decide to get rid of my SOT I don't want to have to destroy the lower. Otherwise if it was a $50 regular lower it wouldn't be an issue or question.
  3. Needing help

    If it was a regular lower I would. But it's on my ARV and Palmetto doesnt sell only lowers. Only sell essential build kits and they are $450 a pop.
  4. Needing help

    I'm trying to make my first legal post-DIAS as I'm a Type 07/02 SOT. Using the dimensions you find publicly but it isn't helping, the trip is well short of the hammer. I'm needing some help, understand how it works, just can't get the dimensions right. Realize this may be a sensitive topic but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong and really don't want to 3rd hole the lower. PM me and I can provide you my number or email. Thanks in advance.
  5. New Type07/02 a question

    Thank you very much, what size spring are they using?
  6. New Type07/02 a question

    Thanks for the reply why did you prefer the DIAS? I've got the metal to start making one. Also as far as tuning am I moving fore and aft or up and down? Wish there was a you tube video.
  7. Hello, I'm a new type 07/02 and looking at form 02ing my first machine gun. Question I have is which would be the better way to go about it. Doing the 3rd hole or making a DIAS where it is registered as the MG. The second way appeals to me a little more so that way the lower itself isn't registered, but then wasn't sure how hard it is to time them, etc. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance,