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  1. edited to reflect price drop to $300 shipped
  2. Up for sale is a 20-round magazine for the Mauser Schnellfeuer 7.63 Mauser machine pistol. Magazine is used, but functions well in a Schnellfeuer I tried it in. Price drop to $300 shipped. Payment by check or money order. I am in Florida. Please let me know if you have any questions. See photos below of the magazine —bigu2fan
  3. WTB: CMMG Mk4 LE .22lr dedicated upper

    Thanks! I just responded to your email. Very interested, just had a couple of questions
  4. WTB: CMMG Mk4 LE .22lr dedicated upper

    Baboon: I don’t have the skills or tools available to assemble my own.
  5. I am writing to ask whether anyone has a CMMG Mk4 LE .22lr complete dedicated upper they would like to sell (CMMG apparently no longer makes these)? These are the flat top .22lr uppers (no front site on gas block) with M4 profile 16" barrels. I like the CMMG RESOLUTE 100, MK4, 22LR, but would like to purchase one of the earlier Mk4 LE .22lr dedicated uppers with 1:16 twist. I like the more classic look. I have attached a photo of one of the Mk4 LE uppers that I am looking for. Can anyone help? --bigu2fan
  6. Up for sale is a Rick Kuehl .22 lr M-16 upper. I purchased it years ago directly from Rick Kuehl as a 16.5" upper, and later had the barrel cut by BWE Firearms in Longwood, Fla., to about 10.5" and threaded 1/2 x 28. Comes with anti bounce weight, but not the ball detent modification. I no longer have an M-16, so trying to clear out some space in the safe. Here are some photos. I am in Florida. Price is $650 shipped. bigu2fan
  7. THIS IS NOW FOR SALE (AS OF 10/17/2020) OVER ON THE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES SECTION. $650 OBO. IF THIS ORIGINAL WTK INQUIRY NOW SHOULD BE DELETED, PLEAST LET ME KNOW AND I WILL DO SO. Folks: Many years ago, I bought a Rich Kuehl 16.5" flattop .22lr M-16 upper, and later had the barrel cut by BWE Firearms in Longwood, Fla., to about 10.5" and threaded 1/2 x 28. I would like to sell this, but have no idea of an approximate value. I don't want to give it away, but I would like to move it to make some room in the safe. Any ideas? Here are some photos.
  8. WTS: Transferrable Collector Grade IMI RR UZI

    Robert is a great guy! I have known him for years. My only complaint is that he always has faster times than me at the local subgun match!
  9. WTS: WH 1928 Thompson, Form 4 FL, $14K

    Buy with confidence from Grasshopper! I have known him about 20 years. He is trustworthy, a gentleman, extremely knowledgeable and a very kind person.
  10. WTB: Colt M16A2

    I just noticed your WTB post for an M16A2. I have a Colt M16A1 lower in very good shape if that might be of interest. Also, I am in Florida not too far from Delray Beach. Would you be interested in that? bigu2fan
  11. WTS/WTT: Wartime 1928A1 Thompson

    Let’s make a deal!
  12. WTS/WTT: Factory Colt M16A1 SOLD

    Let’s make a deal! There’s an M1A1 I have my eye on, but need to sell this M16A1 lower first. I also have a Rick Kuehl .22lr upper for it if that interests anyone.