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  1. WTS: Transferrable Collector Grade IMI RR UZI

    Robert is a great guy! I have known him for years. My only complaint is that he always has faster times than me at the local subgun match!
  2. WTS: WH 1928 Thompson, Form 4 FL, $14K

    Buy with confidence from Grasshopper! I have known him about 20 years. He is trustworthy, a gentleman, extremely knowledgeable and a very kind person.
  3. WTB M16A2

    I just noticed your WTB post for an M16A2. I have a Colt M16A1 lower in very good shape if that might be of interest. Also, I am in Florida not too far from Delray Beach. Would you be interested in that? bigu2fan
  4. WTS/WTT: Wartime 1928A1 Thompson

    Let’s make a deal!
  5. WTS/WTT: Factory Colt M16A1 SOLD

    Let’s make a deal! There’s an M1A1 I have my eye on, but need to sell this M16A1 lower first. I also have a Rick Kuehl .22lr upper for it if that interests anyone.
  6. Up for sale or trade is a clean factory Colt M16A1 lower. I have owned this since 2010 and used it a handful of times only to shoot .22 lr through a dedicated upper. It's in great shape. Ready for you to put a new upper on and head to the range. This is not a conversion, but a factory Colt M16A1. Price is SOLD including shipping. Funds upfront. I am in Florida. I am a private individual (gun on a form 4) as opposed to a dealer. This is also available for trade for a good condition wartime M1/M1A1 Thompson. Not interested in a re-weld or re-watt or one with police department markings or with heavy pitting that has been buffed/parked over. I also am trying to steer away from anything with a blanked barrel. Mismatched upper/lower serial numbers is just fine. Happy to answer whatever questions you may have. Please let me know if you are interested. --Will
  7. Up for sale/trade is an original 1928A1 Thompson marked US MODEL OF 1928A1. Features British markings (nitro proof marks, etc.). Also features the TOMMY GUN marking on top of receiver, typical Cutts compensator, finned barrel and Lyman sight. Serial numbers of upper receiver and lower match. Appears all original to me. In addition to the attached photos, I have included a Dropbox link with additional photos: I have owned this since 2008 and it’s always been safe kept. I enjoy shooting it but would like to move it along and get a wartime M1A1 or M1 (not a West Hurley gun). The price is $29,500 (including shipping) to buy it outright. I also would be interested in a trade for an original wartime M1A1 or M1. I would need additional cash from you if you would like to trade. I am in Florida. I am an individual, not a dealer. Please let me know if I can answer any questions. I am happy to talk on the phone also. --bigu2fan
  8. WTS/WTT: Sterling MK7 SMG on DLO tube

    I am open to offers
  9. WTS/WTT: Sterling MK7 SMG on DLO tube

    $12,000. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
  10. WTS/WTT: Sterling MK7 SMG on DLO tube

    btt. really looking to trade this toward a non tool room S&W 76. anyone?
  11. WTS/WTT: Sterling MK7 SMG on DLO tube

    price drop to $12,500
  12. Up for sale or trade is a Sterling MK7 SMG. This Sterling MK7 was assembled by KGB Armament (Andy Blaschik) on a new DLO tube purchased directly from DLO in Florida. Andy is well known in the Sterling community, particularly in converting MK4s to MK5s. Most parts to complete the build came from a MK4 kit, others from P.S. Arms in Pennsylvania, and a couple were custom built. The fit and finish and welds are excellent. This has the proper Sterling (not STEN) sized cocking slot. The magazine housing was re-marked with MK7 nomenclature and also has the DLO tube serial number on it, a nice touch. The cocking block and bolt have been lightened so the gun will run well on S&B 115 grain ammo. I will include an unmodified MK4 bolt and cocking block as well. It’s a great gun, and the only reason I am selling is to fund another NFA purchase. It is on a form 4. This gun has only had about a mag through it for testing. Comes with custom Burris Fast Fire optics mount. Price is $12,000. If you have an excellent condition S&W 76 (non tool room), I would be interested in a trade of some sort. Come out to the monthly subgun matches at the Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club in Palm Bay, Fla., and you can inspect the gun. I am happy to answer any questions you like. Ships to valid CIII upon transfer. All funds up front. --Will in Martin County, Fla. CLICK LINKS BELOW FOR PICS: **This gun was SPF on 12/23/16, and I marked it sold as per instructions from Buddy H. The ad then was “locked.” The buyer told me 1/2/17 he couldn’t finalize the deal and send payment. I tried to unlock the earlier ad to indicate the gun was back up for sale, but I can’t figure out how to unlock it. **Price drop on 1/11/17**