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  1. I am wondering if any of you use cast lead reloads in your submachine guns? I load for the .45ACP on my Dillon with cast lead bullets, I like the economy of loading cast. It seems with a machine gun, cast would be the way to go. But I thought I would check, just to be sure. Thanks, Rabbit57
  2. New buyer in Tucson, AZ

    Hello Bwana, I have fired a couple of machine-guns, but that was many years ago. I never thought about finding someone close who might share my interest in the Thompson. I live in Tucson AZ, and if anyone has a real Thompson, and would be willing to help a brother out, please send me a private message and I will respond! I have read mixed reviews on shooting the Thompson, and I think I understand. But I can't deny that I have watched more than a few war movies and read more than a few books on WWII, and so when I was given this opportunity, I chose the Thompson. Maybe I would change my mind, but maybe not. I would be very happy to find out! Mark
  3. New buyer in Tucson, AZ

    RCM Limited, I would like to contact Mr Davis. Could you please share contact information with me, via private message? Thanks gftiv, I would like a decent example of a Thompson M1A1, not a factory new gun, but a good example. I plan to shoot this gun, on a regular basis. I am not looking for a safe queen, just a good example. I understand that these guns can be a mixture of parts, I have a few WWII guns, and most are like this. As long as it's normal, I am ok with it. If the gun has police department markings, that is part of the history of the gun, and that is fine. As a collector, I enjoy picking up the accessories that go with any military gun I own, sling, cleaning kit, spare magazines, military cases. The M1A1 is perfect for this kind of collecting. I have been reading about the Thompson, and it has been interesting. The M1A1 may be the last of the real milled steel and wooden guns make for the military, before the sheet metal and plastic weapons of today. They have an elegance to them, and they were built with a kind of respect for what they were intended. I would like to own one, both to shoot and to admire.
  4. New buyer in Tucson, AZ

    Mr. Taylorwso, I apologize for the newbie question, but what is a SOT, I am unfamiliar with this. I have been reluctant to post in the WTB section, I am still waiting on my father's trust to settle. Its the first and only trust I have ever dealt with, and it might take some time. But as soon as it is settled, I will start looking for real. Right now, I am learning. I have been watching Gunbroker, and I have looked on the FOR SALE section on this forum, and a dealer or two. Right now it looks like between $20-$30 grand, and that is a bit of money for me. I am willing to pay, but before I do, I would like to learn as much as I can. Thanks for responding, Mark
  5. New buyer in Tucson, AZ

    Hello forum, new member here. My father has passed, and I am the trustee for his estate. For the first time I am considering buying a machine gun. I am interested in a Thompson M1A1 gun, an original military piece. What I would like to know is what is the going rate for such a gun, and are there any pitfalls I should be aware of? I have been picking up books on the subject, I have The Gun That Made The Twenties Roar, Thompson: the American Legend, and American Thunder, third edition. I am really enjoying reading about this gun, and I am just waiting for the trust to settle, and I will be ready to go. Any advice would sure be appreciated. Thanks for your time, Mark