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  1. WTB - Transferable M60

    In the market for a good to excellent condition transferable M60. PM me if you have one for sale. Can provide multiple class 3 references on request
  2. WTB - Transferable M60

    Pm incoming
  3. WTB - Transferable M60

    Believe they are. Been told about 12k but haven’t confirmed
  4. WTB - Transferable M60

    Pm incoming. I don’t have a ballpark price. Really depends on the example.
  5. WTB - Transferable M60

    I’m flexible on budget depending on the gun. Pretty open, maremont or rebuilds…. Prefer non-rewelded if trunion. Open to registered trunion or channel with a small preference for the latter. E6 config preference but will absolutely look at others.
  6. WTB - Transferable M60

    I’m trying to be polite…. Also I’ve found some great examples of various guns in private collections. I’m not in a hurry
  7. WTB - Transferable M60

    Thanks all. I’m aware of the ones listed at ruben, otb and mwt. Want to see what else is around in private/small dealer hands.
  8. Wtb. Bulk Ammo

    Looking to buy bulk 9mm subs, 45 acp, 556 and 300blk subs. If shipped price is good I’ll take as few as 1k but looking for 5-10k rounds+ for each caliber
  9. Looking for the following: SR-25 PR SR-30 SBR MP5 SD suppressor, suppressors for SR-25/30. If you have others knights stuff feel free to message me
  10. SPF Like New Reising M50 w/ extras E-file

    The 90’s?
  11. WTS: Vector Mini Uzi

    Damn. Enjoy. I’ll take second place if deal falls through
  12. WTS: Vector Mini Uzi

    Deal breaker without the microtech Will email/text with questions
  13. Transferable H&R M-14 (C&R)

    Any news on the FOIA? Looks like it may have been refinished at some point?
  14. Looking for a registered sear or trigger box. On trigger box prefer one that takes all factory HK fire control group parts (no proprietary parts). Would be nice if it had a pushpin host I could purchase with registered part. PM me for fastest response. Thx.
  15. Anyone deal with the Silencer Shop?

    I’ve bought maybe 7 suppressors from Silencer shop and use their NFA trust. Everything has been good except their phone sales team being unhelpful on a backorder can. I also have my local SOT that has a kiosk so pretty easy. Just bought three stamps online from them for a few class three purchases I made. They said mg’s are fine on the nfa trust. They just don’t handle form 1’s
  16. M10A1 9mm/45 w/ suppressor FS, $8000

    I’ll take it per our pm’s
  17. Escrow

    I’m looking at a medium to large purchase out of a personal collection. Owner is out of state. All are on Form 4’s. Is there an escrow service thats trusted on these sort of transactions? First transferable purchase(s) for me. What should I do for due dilligence? I may fly out to check on them. At the least will have them checked out by an armorer and have a friend go check out the items. Will obvious memorialize the transaction and terms. escrow seems like the most secure way but fees are going to be a few percent Seller is an older gentleman. Has only bought class 3 and dealer has passed away so no real relevant references on this sort of sale. any advice appreciated.
  18. Processing time for Form 4's

    I have multiple cans still in jail with tax stamps cashed late dec/early jan if it makes you feel better
  19. Escrow

    I have a class 3 local shop to me. Thanks for the idea. Let me see what I’m going to pick up and after I get seller consent will pm. Theres quite a few I’m likely passing on
  20. Escrow

  21. Escrow

    If that’s the case, what docs do you request to ensure it’s legit? Assume all the nfa paperwork? Anything else?
  22. Looking for a transferable shooter m16/AR conversion. also a shooter RR full size Uzi. thanks.