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  1. WTB: M249s semi bolt/slide/op + other parts!

    Will pass on the barrel, thank you Robert. BTT
  2. WTB: M249s semi bolt/slide/op + other parts!

    Updated and BTT
  3. Hello from West WI

    Welcome! I, like you, started over at 1919a4 and have been working my way over to joining the other sites after guest viewing them for years. I will be building a couple MG42 kits (into semis) here in the next few months as well. Maybe we can share references/documentation. Cheers, Shaun
  4. Putting some feelers out for a nice AR-180 to be a long term keeper/collection addition. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks! Shaun
  5. WTB: Galil 18” 5.56 barrel

    Looking for a spare 18” Galil 5.56 (ARM) barrel with gas ports uncut. Please message me what you have:
  6. WTB: M249s semi bolt/slide/op + other parts!

    Thanks Ryan. Several parts acquired. Still looking for a: Top cover Bipod Cocking handle Barrel latch Misc pins/springs Semi parts & more. I’m open to bulk.
  7. Experienced gunsmith looking to buy loose/miscellaneous M249 parts (for a semi build). Need a stripped top cover and rear sight, for example. Please message me with anything you might have. Thanks! Updated 9/18/21: specifically looking for a M249S (semi auto) bolt, slide, hammer and op rod. Converting your FN semi into a post-sample? I’ll buy your unused semi components! Current price on these components for FA is roughly $2100. Willing to negotiate a price! Cheers,