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    I am interested in both call me at 6027638867 Tom
  2. Sorry I just want the MGs owed me. I am going out of my way not to trash him. I meant I do not believe he is doing this to harm me. Or that he is withholding the MG's from me on purpose I would like to see if anyone knows of the dealer where I can get the Machine Gun in my name at this time.
  3. Thanks Mike Just have been Busy. Ill try again today
  4. I have some new Guns listed. I have Videos of most of the Machine Guns Shooting unless there Unfired or test fired. Email me or tex me for pictures.
  5. THanks Mike I'll give them a try
  6. I'm looking for working Powder Springs Mac 10 9 MM Magazines Let me know price and condition. Tex Thanks Tom Stewart 6027638867
  7. Check out new Items
  8. Have you heard of John Ulicki or know of him. Or have you found an 1917A1, an MP-40, or a Mac 10 in a warehouse or residents in Phoenix? I'm Thomas Stewart and I have done transfers with John Ulicki in the past. I don't think he is a thief but He left 3 Machine guns: MP-40 PHX Arms serial 8915, 1917A1 PHX Arms serial JM01 and Military Armament Corp. M-10 Serial 1-2000083 with an older Ex dealer ( I don't know his name) who was staying at a place in Phoenix Arizona. That Gentleman had a brain tumor and sometime in the last 2 to 3 months was moved from the Place were these Machine Guns were. The owner of this place was an X class II dealer ( I don't know his name). Any way the Machine Guns were being stored there and have sense been moved somewhere. I have the BATF looking into it. I am asking all the local Dealers in the Phoenix area to be on the look out for these Guns. If you come across them I have a reward for the return of the Machine guns no questions ask. 602-763-8867 Thanks Thomas Stewart
  9. Posted 25 April (edited) Here is a list of the Machine Guns I have available. I have video's of most of these Machine Guns shooting. So you know they work. I am Thomas Stewart and I have been in the Machine Gun Business for 19 years now. let me know which ones you need pictures on. I do E file so these will transfer to you Quick. 602-763-8867 or I have also priced everything. Thanks Buddy Inland Mint like new 1919A4 with tripod 18.5K 08 Maxim Great condition works great. No Tripod 16.5K MG-42 Mint 52K UZI great shape works good 12K MP-44 C&R 25K H&R Reising Military Mint condition 7.9K Powder Springs. M-10 9 MM Good condition 7.5K PRE 86 Dealer keeper Samples: MG-34 Dealer sample Pre-86 10.5K MG-34 D.S. nice 12.0K 1928A1 Thompson Dealer Sample 13.5K M2 carbine Mint Dealer Sample 6K Incoming NFA Items: Incoming M1 Thompson original 22.5K Incoming M3 Grease Gun Original Finish 24.5K Incoming AK 47 Norinco 26K Incoming W.H. M1 Thompson Mint 18K Incoming M3 Grease Gun SPF Incoming Mini UZi 18K Incoming 1919A4 Group Mint 18.5K Incoming MP-28 II G Condition Dealer Sample Pre-86 8.5K Incoming MP-34 G Condition Dealer Sample Pre 86 8.5K
  10. Got the Magazines

    I only need the 34 mags now thanks
  11. 1919A4 Unfired DLO E form

    Tripod included