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  1. WTS 1919A4 Sako C&R

    Sorry I have word this is not a C&R and is a side plate price hyas been dropped to 19995.00
  2. I have a Texas Mac 10 M10A1A looks to be Unfired. It is in a factory box. Comes with a Metal Magazine, a Cleaning rod, and a Strap. It has had a extended magazine release added to it. This is on a Form 3 Eform so it will transfer in one to two days. Tom Stewart 6027638867 6,995.00
  3. XM177 commando info needed

    I see your only 6 digits off mine
  4. Up for sale is a M60 RIA fully Transferable Machine Gun. I have test fired this Weapon and it works great no issues. Looks to be fired lightly. It is setup as a commando. Here is what is installed. RIA Springfield receiver. Butt Stock M60 Standard, Lower Trigger M60 Standard, Standard Top cover, Carry handle, Sights, and Ammo Hanger, M60 E4 Commando Barrel and gas system, This Barrel is the heavy Fluted and Sterilite lined. The compensator is of unknown origin but works great. 51,995.00 with shipping. It is on a Form 3 and will E Form to your class II dealer. I have tried and list this as accurately as possible. If anyone has info on this M60 let me know. 602-763-8867 Thanks Tom
  5. Up for sale is a Colt M16A1 Commando. IT is a model 619. They did not mark the guns with that model number many had no designation. This one is Marked Commando. It is basically a commercial export model of the 609 Military XM177 rifle for Vietnam. Was made about the 1970 1971 era.Very rare. The only difference between it and the 609 Model was it did not have the Property U.S. Govt print. This is a rare MG and only comes up every 2 to 3 years. Also to have one in a test fired only condition is even rarer. The Moderator has the ATF number added to the housing as they felt this was a silencer. This is on a form 3 and will go out on E form in one or two days. Look here to get all the facts https NO URLSsmallarms detail.asp smallarms_id=39 you can call me at 602-763-8867 for more info. 43,995.00
  6. XM177 commando info needed

    Just received a XM177 commando marked with moderator can anyone help with info on this Machine Gun. I did see it came from Curtis Earl.
  7. WTS M1 Bridgeport Thompson WWII

    I corrected the add and relisted sorry for the miss info. Thanks to all for the correct info
  8. This Savage Bridgeport Connecticut addressed Thompson is an Original WWII Machine Gun NOT a West Hurley! The Barrel looks to be original and in excellent condition. Wood it Very Good Condition The finish has been redone at some time. No pitting or issues this Will shoot all day and never fail.The upper and lower do not match. The brace was done I was told in England during the war. This has the Dog ears 183000 serial Number. There are 3 Stamps GEG FJA and the Ordinance department stamp. It is a real M1 not over stamped. The s shown in the picture means this is a Savage. On a Form 3 so it will transfer Eform in one day. Tom Stewart 602-763-8867 Price 24,500.00
  9. WTS M1 Bridgeport Thompson WWII

  10. WTS M1 Bridgeport Thompson WWII

    Made in Bridgeport Conn?
  11. WTS M1 Bridgeport Thompson WWII

    I didn't see the S on the ser. Thanks For the info Tom
  12. WTB: Pre May Sample

    My phone is listed call me if you would like Tom
  13. WTB: Pre May Sample

    I have it listed on the board so you can see the condition Thanks
  14. This is incoming and is in great shape. It is a real Maxim not a side plate. C&R 50 down 50 when it transfers. Tom Stewart 602-763-8867 Price 17,500.00 + shipping
  15. WTS M71/S Valmet

    This is a nice example of an Valmet . Real MG not side plate Finland is the manufacture. On a Form 3 so it will transfer Quick. Tom Stewart 602-763-8867 Price 18,500.00 + shipping