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  1. WTB: MP40 Loading Tool

    Title says it all. Text me: 404.290.2911 VENMO/PayPal/Zelle
  2. MP 43/44 Magazine

    I need one more for my collection. Text Me: 404.290.2911
  3. See title! text me: 404.290.2911
  4. WTB: CZ Scorpion Evo Stock

    Do I have a collapsible black stock (brace) for the CZ Scorpion EVO. condition: like new no trade but I'll sell for $200 plus USPS shipping. text me: 404.290.2911
  5. WTB: PPSH-41, KM-50, PPS-43

    Fellow collectors, I'm looking to round out my open bolt SMG collection and am looking for the above. Guns have to be C&R, matching. Let me know if you have one of the above and are possibly interested in selling. I am a private collector and not a dealer. William Parker Atlanta, GA
  6. WTB .50 BMG bolt action rifle

    As it so happens, I I live in Atlanta, and have an "as new" AR-50, .50 BMG with excellent Burris rated and zeroed scope, and about 1,200 rounds of assorted ammo (ball, AP, Tracer, API and Indendiary). Last shot the gun about 6 months ago. Very nice shooting weapon. I bought this from a SWAT office out of NC. Total rounds through the gun (as if the barrel would ever be shot out) of about 50. Have not really considered selling, but would be willing to discuss. Text me (my phone silences all unknown callers) at 404.290.2911 and then we can arrange a call. Scott Parker 404.290.2911 Marietta, GA
  7. WTB: Swedish K barrel

    CORRECT # is: 404.290.2911
  8. WTB: Swedish K barrel

    Title says it all! text me at 504.290.2911 Scott Parker
  9. Swedish K M45-C Shroud with bayonet lug. Please text me if you have one! Scott Parker Atlanta, GA 404.290.2911