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  1. WTB: PPSH-41, KM-50, PPS-43

    Hey there, and thanks for the post. Always interested in PPSH's. I'm in Atlanta. Can you tell me about your gun? Use my personal email or text me Scott Parker 404.290.2912
  2. M79 Grenade Launcher

    Anybody have one out there they are willing to discuss selling?
  3. PPSH 41 trigger group (Russian)

    Thank you so much. The contact did not feel right.
  4. PPSH 41 trigger group (Russian)

    Can anyone on this Forum couch for Bigchilling? He's new and wants to sell me a FCG for a PPSH41.
  5. Anyone got one?
  6. WTB: Swedish K barrel

    Will do and thanks.
  7. WTB: Swedish K barrel

    Thanks but "out of stock" is the word of the day! Appreciate the link!
  8. WTB: Swedish K barrel

    Come on! Someone has to have one! I need a OEM or Portsaid barrel Thanks! Thanks!
  9. WTB: MP40 Loading Tool

    Bought it! Matched my BNZ 41 perfect. I got the fxo 41 unit. thanks so much.
  10. WTB: MP40 Loading Tool

    I am so sorry. I try and keep getting rerouted. Can you provide a link or exact web address? thanks
  11. WTB: MP40 Loading Tool

    Not yet. Need one original for my MP40 transport box/gun rig. You have one?
  12. WTB M14 Bolt

    Anyone out there have a spare? Prefer TRW (that's on my gun now), stripped w/roller. Need excellent or better condition. Looking to pay ~ $200 range. text me or reply here (preferred). 404.290.2911
  13. Fraud Alert!!!!

    Guys, I just got taken yesterday for $110 for a Swedish K barrel. Already posted a warning on Machinegun Boards and wanted to alert you also. His name is Chad, or Billy McCullough, Tel: 781.689.0279 (Boston area). Says he has a nice K kit (using old photos) and a barrel. I bit on the barrel and it looks like I'm out as other forum members noted immediately he had attempted to scam them in the past. Watch out. Don't be dumb like me. UGH.
  14. WTB: Swedish K barrel

    Got one. Thanks to Forum members!
  15. WTB: Swedish K M45-C Shroud with bayonet lug

    Got one. Thanks to Forum members.