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  1. Fraud Alert!!!!

    Scams accounts: Bobd08 0 Started conversation: 9 hours ago · Report Hello, contact Jason in Michigan he has one for sale and ready to sell immediately to serious buyers. jasonderek102@gmail.com
  2. Potential Scam Accounts

    WTB section seem to just be a trolling ground for scammers. I get an email from no post accounts sending me to another email contact every time I post a WTB. Fist one is a confirmed Scam attempting to use the real FFL of Avery outdoors. Contacted Avery and confirmed the scam. Lets get these accounts closed out: Confirmed Scam Account and Email using real FFL fraudulently: Nathan_blake 0 Started conversation: 3 July · Report Hi have you found one yet? if not, contact Ronad he has in good condition and at a reasonable price, ronadchristopher@gmail.com _______________________________________________________ Like scam, info not adding up: Robdana9 0 Started conversation: Friday at 1:07 PM · Report Are you still looking? try Ryan in Minot, ND 58701 . ADEXEC Gun Shop : adexecsales@adexec.com / (701) 360-8060 I have bought from him in the past and currently have an order from him at the moment.
  3. WTB 50 bmg ANM2 , M3AC Ect.

    Bump, Still looking.
  4. Looking to buy the lighter barrel version of 50 Cal M2HB MGs (Semi also ok) such as the ANM2 in 50 bmg, M3AC or similar. Also interested in the ANM2 in .30 cal if you have a 7.62 nato conversion kit. Let me know what you have. thank you.
  5. WTB .50 BMG bolt action rifle

    We have a Barrett M99 bolt action, used but hand selected by Barrett as a One MOA rifle. Also have Leupold optics. MP me if interested.
  6. FN-DA1 , FN Model D

    Looking for an FN Model D, Specifically an A1 (7.62 Nato) or other caliber Model D with a 7.62 nato conversion kit. Let me know what you have.
  7. Bump…still looking, Solothurn or lahti 20mm ect. Also looking for other WW2 heavy weapons, M2HB, ANM2. Let me know what you have, but the Solothurn is at the top of my list. I also have items for trade/partial trade if interested.
  8. Colt DOE 9mm Upper...WTB

    Any interest in a clone ?
  9. Still Looking to buy or trade for a 20mm, Solothurn , Lahti , Ect. Let me know what you have. Items for partial or full trade if interested, including Barrett M99, LMT MWS, High end optics; Leupold MK8, MK5, NF 1-8, vortex 1-10x, IR lasers; MAWL ect. Thanks.