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  1. M203 Handguard w/ sight, M16/16A2

    How much are you looking to get one for? I just bought one but sold the rifle I was going to use for it. It's plastic not metal so it's not a Colt reproduction
  2. Looking for a M16A1/A2 M203 37mm Launcher. Not anything special or expensive but as close as possible. Will pay for shipping if needed. Locates in AZ.
  3. Price check on M1 Carbines

    Universals are going to be the cheapest M1 Carbines, starting at around $600 to $800. Early production models will fetch the higher price Then Plainfields for about $700 to 1000. Everything else is in the 1000 to 2000 range. If it's a GM WW2 M1 carbine or a brand new model production AO carbine, the average will be about $1500. The most expensive ones are going to be older Inland, GM,Sagnunwa? and Winchester M1 Carbines, but they sport the best interchangeability with USGI parts. The newer model productions are all more or less terrible. Lots of flaws or poor work quality for a high price, just paying for the name then. I bought my universal for $650 and just got a beat to hell Plainfield for $500. The Universal works like a dream but the trigger grouping isn't the same as USGI spec parts so I can't switch out the stock.
  4. Been looking all over for a M3 grease gun, preferred pistol but a carbine would be fine as well. Can't find any on armslist or Gunbroker so this is the best place to find rarer weapons. Thanks!
  5. Withdrawn

    Any chance that the trigger housing and other parts are USGI spec so you can use GI parts as replacements or addons?
  6. WTS: AK parts kits

    I'll take one if you got them still haha. That was fast
  7. WTB: 1928 Thompson Lower

    Looking to purchase a 1928 thompson lower that is for a detachable stock or maybe a Thompson parts kit with the lower if you can't separate the kit. Will pay shipping and what not.
  8. Looking to buy a Colt Commando CAR-15 upper. Fixed carry handle not the flat top rail. Or a full AR-15 Commando if the price is good. Fixed Carry Handle M16 Upper as well, 20 inch barrel. Also looking for Thompson Stick magazines, a 1928 Lower Reciever and a 10.5 inch finned barrel for a Thompson M1 Carbine 15 round magazines. 1903A3/A4 Sniper Bolt or curved handle bolt for scope clearance. And just any general interesting parts for WW2 weapons such as the Thompson, M1 Garand, Carbine and so on. Trying to finish the US forces collection of WW2. Will pay shipping costs if needed.
  9. I'm interested in purchasing this compensator.