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  1. Browning Belt Filling Machine, Model 1918, made in 1942. All steel construction. Made by J.W Manuf. Co. Complete with feed chute and transit chest, which is marked D35395. The chest is in great shape, original leather handle. This machine is in great condition, was originally in a Coast Guard armory and saw little use. It has been in storage for about 30 years. Asking $1300 I am getting errors when I try to load photos, but will send photos on request.
  2. I just obtained this device, which has been in storage for more than 20 years. It is all steel, in excellent condition, with the vertical feed chute and original transit box, marked D35395. Manufacturer is J.W. Manufacturing Co, marked as such on the underside, and J.W. stamped on several smaller parts. I would like to sell it, but not sure of value and would like to avoid the auction sites, if possible. Haven't figured out how to insert photos, but I have several. Suggestions are very welcome.