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  1. There certainly do seem to be a large number of FFL's out there that are losing revenue. I had one guy tell me that a handgun can only be shipped from one FFL in a state to another FFL in another state. I guess they have never bothered to learn the rules and regulations that are right there, in plain sight, on the BATFE website. There is no differentiation concerning pistols and long guns. I have a friend in Wisconsin that wants to send a Luger to a guy in Sterling Heights Michigan (Detroit suburb). I'm telling the guy that wants to send it that he has to send it to an FFL. And yet, I haven't found one FFL that will accept it in that area. Some of the people that I have talked to tell me that they just don't know, so they stay on the safe side by saying no. The ones that reject the idea don't tell me that it is store policy but that the BATFE forbids sending a handgun from one state to another, except through an FFL. Some of them won't even take a C&R pistol or ship a C&R pistol from/to a C&R FFL. It's a darned Federal Firearms License but...
  2. I've been in the firearms fields for many a year. I have a C&R FFL. Sometimes, I have a modern firearm and I list it on gunbroker. I don't have an FFL. I contact an FFL of the buyer's choice and ship it directly to them, including a copy of their FFL. No problem, right? How many times have I encountered a gun shop that says that they will not accept a firearm from a private individual and they will only accept it from another FFL? A lot! So, even though I have seen it on the ATF website, would anyone care to tell me that it is illegal and that I should only ship it from a local FFL near me to another FFL or am I completely in the right? I do understand that a particular gun shop owner may say that it is "their policy" to not accept a firearm from a private individual or even from a C&R FFL, but that is policy and has nothing to do with the law. I hope I was clear with my question. Thanx, Tim