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  1. WTB: CMMG Auto Sear Trip Kit

    Looking for a CMMG auto sear trip kit for the 22lr conversion kits. send me a message thanks!
  2. Looking to buy a brp X-MG34 preferably in 308 & located in AZ. PM me price and what accessories it’s got thanks
  3. WTS: Fleming M11-9 .22 sold pending funds to ig720

    I’ll take it if the deal falls thru
  4. Delete

  5. WTS: AM15 upper w transferrable M16 optional

    If they both fall through I’ll take the upper and lower pm me
  6. Remove ad thanks

    Thread closed got one thanks for the board
  7. M16 & MP5 Prices

    Was bidding on a paws m16 and it ended up going for like 36k + tax so over 40k but then you’ll see a colt sit for 30k dunno but at this point I won’t be buying off GB since they now demand taxes. there is a chance a guy cashed out from meme stonks or some crypto gains. Regardless I don’t see the prices staying. We will see how it shakes out though.