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  1. See title. I have a SOCOM260 silencer in jail. I spoke to Surefire rep today, he says they are still being made but no idea when the next run will be. Hoping to find one available so I can at least finish and shoot my 6.5 Grendel in the meantime. Let me know if you have one of these!
  2. Yeah I talked to one of their sales reps last week who said they are still building and shipping these but I felt like it was more of a "go away please" answer than anything. If they were shipping these commercially then someone would have one for sale but they've basically been vaporware for a long time. What's extra infuriating is that while I'm sitting here waiting on a backordered chassis from their newly-acquired business partner, Big Daddy recently sold a complete stand-alone L2F launcher on Gunbroker at the end of April. If I had seen it in time I would have bought it, taken the chassis off, and resold the launcher.
  3. Hi all. I bought and paid for a complete LMT stand-alone rail-mount 9" grenade launcher from TXMGO before they sold to BDU. They delivered the launcher but not the chassis system. Sean kept promising to deliver it but tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of waiting. Since the BDU buyout I've tried contacting Sean through about half a dozen public and private channels but he refuses to reply, so I figure that money is lost. Now I'm on the hunt for a chassis so I can actually use my launcher. I would prefer an LMT system (ie, the L2B1PGB) since that's what I originally tried to get, but I would consider others as well. Thanks for looking.