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  1. Curious - MP5 RR Value

    If the price is fair and it makes you happy, buy it. If you don’t there’s a good chance you’ll look back on this post 2-5 years from now and think damn. I should’ve bought that. A good friend who’s a very big player in the machine gun business told me the best time to buy a machine gun is today. Ask the question next year or the year after and the answer will always be the same.
  2. It makes me sick. Fortunately most people who have been in the mg game for a while know that if a deal is too good to be true, its a scam. If someone has had a mg since the 80s and selling it cheap , he likely doesn’t use or know what Zelle is and surely doesn’t know where the current nfa marketplaces are online. It’s the new buyers looking to enter this market who get taken by these scammers. I’ve noticed most scammers that keep emailing me stolen listings usually price guns 20-30% below market.
  3. Cjbguns (Carson) is an outstanding person to do business with. I purchased a couple guns he listed here and he has been honest and transparent through the entire process. The guns arrived and were nicer than I expected. He is an honest and good man. Do not hesitate or worry when the time comes to send this man a check. Thanks again for everything Carson!
  4. Potential Scam Accounts

    That’s good stuff right there. I’ll happily verify anything in Virginia for anyone.
  5. Potential Scam Accounts

    I read through this and it didn’t surprise me that I received some of the same emails from the same people the last few years. This is getting out of control. I’m pretty sure every ffl/sot out there has no problem sending payment directly to the name and address on the license. All licenses should be verified too. I’ve found that every legit person on this business has no problem sharing a phone number and ffl and having a conversation with you. I recently posted a wtb ad for a 1919 and was sent a pm offering a semi auto. I replied I was looking for a transferable and suddenly he has one of those too. I asked a few questions and he never replied again. I’m sure they troll the wtb forum. It’s almost guaranteed you’ll be contacted by a scammer if you post an email there. Everyone just be careful and follow your instinct.
  6. polytech legend national match

    That’s a nice piece you have. I know someone who might have some interest. I’ll check and send them your way if they do.
  7. WTB 1919

    Have some interest in one of these. Feel free to pm me. Thank you
  8. SOLD Colt M16 HBAR

    I’ll take it. Thank you once again.
  9. Do you know if these clear the flashlights on the surefire hand guard on a mp5a2 ?
  10. I’ll take it. Thanks
  11. -SOLD - COLT M16A1 Carbine M16

    I’ll take it per our conversation Carson. Thank you.