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  1. want to buy 240 right hand side plate. i do not want bent 1; out of spec 1; or to find leo love letter. PM me please and thanks
  2. m16 4 position fire group

    That's kinda what I thought. I called no answer. They Replied to email really quickly. Wanted full funds. Long wait bla bla bla. Never really answered questions. Reminded me of a guy who was bending h&k flats pnonzi type scheme
  3. law enforcement

    i have a few agency’s that want there machine guns and suppressors service. what is a fair price for each unit? how should i charge? these guns are on form 10s so can i take them off premises? do i really need to form 3 each of these they have alot of cans/mgs
  4. m16 4 position fire group

    still looking ptrdd is not really a option 15 weeks out
  5. m16 4 position fire group

    back to the shoestring, coat hanger, and sos pad............
  6. m16 4 position fire group

    states on website “no need to drill 3rd hole” does say that pocket needs to be milled so i dont think its drop in.
  7. m16 4 position fire group

    so as long as u dont have all the naughty parts together its ok. thats why he sells the selectors separately. I think dont quote me?!?
  8. m16 4 position fire group

    this is exactly what i need..............impatiently waiting for your review
  9. wanted dpms 4 postion fire control i dont want to spend colt money thx
  10. type 8 cannot make their own but can buy no letter guns
  11. not every1 is a 07/02
  12. pm sent what about uk59 in background?
  13. Scar heavy

    I am wanting to convert a semi scar17 to fa. Any1 know where to get parts? I was looking @ hi desert dog but they don't seem to have good reviews. Also can it be done drop in auto sear style I dont want to modify the reciever