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  1. WTB Mg3 parts

    Bump, still looking for that bolt. I have numerous mg42 and m53 bolts I’m looking for the Mg3 bolt.
  2. WTB Mg3 parts

    Bump, still looking for my bolt I know one is out there collecting dust.
  3. WTB Mg3 parts

    BTT, any Mg3 parts or accessories.
  4. WTB Mg3 parts

    BTT still looking for my white whale lol
  5. WTB Mg3 parts

  6. WTB Mg3 parts

    Hey everyone, I’m on the hunt for some mg3 parts. Im looking for a MG3 bolt. Ive picked through RTG, numrich, gunbroker and all other websites I could think of. I have 6 m53 bolts and a couple ww2 bolts. If you don’t have a mg3 bolt that’s cool though, I am interested in anything Mg3 related. Thanks!
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