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  1. Anyone ever see or know source for threaded or 3-Lug Beretta PM12 barrels?
  2. WTS: Steyr MPi-69 Parts Kit

    Top for the 4th of July.
  3. Steyr MPi-69 parts kit as seen in photos. $650 shipped. Includes repair box tubing. Note front of lower was cut off. Internal parts are in good condition.
  4. 1928 Thompson Lower

    Bump for Labor Day
  5. Have a Lend/Lease 1928 Thompson Lower. Mint/unissued condition other than a number re-stamp on underside of lower. SOLD Photos HERE:
  6. Looking for a Steyr MPi 69/81 Lower or parts kit. Advise price and condition. Thanks
  7. Barrel band has a "C" on it and hammer has "AMB".
  8. Small lot M1 carbine parts at see in photos. $100 shipped. SPF Photos HERE: