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  1. Fraud Alert!!!!

    Bigchillin is a known fraud. Poses as sheriff’s deputy and send you a picture of him with a badge. Be aware. Internet shows letter from Sheriff’s Dept. saying he is NOT one of them. Name on ID is Jeffery Laine Kelley You’re 100% safe dealing with me. I’m a Retired Sheriff…Find pic attached I’m legit Sent from ProtonMail for iOS On Mon, May 23, 2022 at 5:40 PM, Big Jeff Laine <> wrote:
  2. WTS 56S-1 Norinco AK Downfolder

    Is this 3 position- safe / semi / full? Thanks
  3. As the title says, I am looking to buy a Jonathan Arthur Ciener .22 conversion for a M16. Would also like 30 round mags as well. If you have and are ready to sell - Please PM me and I’ll shoot you a phone number so we can start the discussion. Please be serious about your intent to sell. Looking forward to talking to you! Thanks
  4. WTS Reising Model 50

    Great price (that’s $500 + in mags alone)! Reisings are really good machine guns for private owners. Yes... parts and springs (for mags and gun) are available. Keep the gun clean and replace the springs - and this thing will RUN! Those Christy 30 rd mags are usually really good too. Also is surprisingly accurate and low recoil. Love the full Stock.
  5. Alan is a great man to deal with. Have dealt with him before. Quick and man of his word.
  6. Alan is a great man to deal with. Have dealt with him before. Quick and man of his word.
  7. Smith&Wesson M76 9mm C&R

    Alan is a great guy to deal with.
  8. Great machine gun. Shoulder fired, controllable rate of fire, select fire... they are 'fire' - especially for the price. You can find mags and parts/ springs. Don't get caught up in the nonsense about these not being reliable... Guadalcanal was the military's fault - wrong application / shipping and training. Theses were used in law enforcement and prison applications for decades and had a great reputation.
  9. Great package and price. The addition of the Lage upper is a game changer. Becomes an MP-7 ‘clone’ and very usable SMG, just like that.
  10. WTS: TRANSFERABLE SWD MAC M11/9 9mm M-11 SMG + Silencer

    Great price On the SWD, especially with the suppressor. Drop a Lage upper on this and you have an excellent sub gun.
  11. Hello everyone. I just got my first SWD M11 (just arrived at my class three dealer, who happens to have a gun range, so I can use it all I want while I’m waiting on the tax stamp ) and my Lage upper just came in as well (Max11 mk2 - with k grip and mag well/grip replacement. Got the VBS as well). Collapsible stock on order. These questionS are for current and former owners of the SWD M11 - What other accessories or challenges lay ahead for me? I am aware of all the Lage uppers and parts available- but if there is one thing as far as upgrades better than others, would love to know what my order of upgrades should be. Also, are there other manufacturers besides Lage I should be looking at? Lastly, are there any original parts I should stock up on? Let’s see what kind of advice ya got for a M11 newbie! Thanks
  12. Found what I was looking for- Thanks !

    Thanks everyone- I found what I was looking for.
  13. Looking for a SWD M-11 9mm that is on a form 3. Extras, like a Lage upper and mags are desirable, but not essential. Thanks
  14. WTS Powder Springs Ingram M10 45 - $7500.00

    These are good, reputable guys, here in Georgia. If you were looking for one of these, deal with confidence.
  15. Thanks guys. If I ever get to the range I will give the suggestions a try.